Cool Jaguar Shaped Motorbike

A cool designer and a motorbike fanatic have created this super cool Jaguar shaped motorbike. This one off custom made motorbike was created by designer Lee J. Rowland and motorbike fan Barend Hemmes, from South London, with the help of South Yorkshire motorcycle maker Polar Cycles. The number plate 'CAT 1' alone cost £240,000!

The super cool sleek motorbike based on the elegant form of the Jaguar logo is already turning heads. The exclusive design is made from parts of a classic 1,200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt bought off ebay. It is more a cruiser than a racer, reaching speeds of 50mph. Mr Hemmes, 36, said he came up with the idea when doodling in the office. 'I was combining corporate logos with motorbikes and I suddenly realised how well the two went together,' he told The Times.

The interior designer had no previous experience building a bike, but together with South Yorkshire motorcycle maker Polar Cycles, his design took fine shape. Mr Hemmes said: 'I did all the fibreglass bodywork with a sculptor and the guys from Polar Cycles did the stainless-steel frame. The finished product was so much better than I ever expected. It's a labour of love. He added: 'It certainly turns heads - people are fascinated by it. They always smile.'


  1. To whom it my concern.

    I write with response to your inaccurate article. In no way is Lee J Rowland related to the design of this bike. Lee’s roll was to help me get it on the blog site The idiot that runs that site published the fact incorrectly.
    I would appreciated it you would remove that information and when posting news take the time out to do research.
    Being able to report on something that is unique takes time and not the simple copy and paste.
    Please make amends ASAP!
    kind regards Barend Massow Hemmes


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