10 tips for winter proofing your bike

With winter upon us, here at cool cars and bikes we like to provide helpful motoring and biking tips and today's article is all about winter proofing your bike 

There are many ways you can winter proof your bike and it’s vital you do so to meet the challenges of the harsh and dangerous winter months.

One thing is absolutely necessary: obtaining a motorcycle insurance policy from a reputable provider. After you have this covered, simply follow the ten tips below.
(1) Storage is crucial. Ensure your bike is secured in a warm environment protected from the ravages of the winter weather. This will prevent fuel from freezing. Apply wax to the body to avoid weather damage.

(2) Mildew can have a devastating effect on your bike. Purchase a specially designed bike cover to keep your bike safe and dry. Invest in a high quality cover. The small investment could save you a lot of money by protecting your bike from rust and other types of damage.

(3) Moisture can be extremely damaging to valve seats, cylinder walls and piston rings, so make sure you regularly check oil levels and ensure your cylinders get a thorough coating of oil to protect them. Always administer oil after you have warmed up your engine, which evaporates existing moisture.

(4) Your engine must also be protected from rust. The best way to do this is to fill the tank with fuel mixed with a fuel stabilizer. Use a top quality fuel stabilizer, as pinching pennies can lead to costly repair fees.

(5) It’s very important to check your tyre pressures every week and to keep them inflated to the levels recommended in your owner’s manual. Tyres have a tough time as it is on icy roads, so be careful to maintain safe tyre pressure levels.

(6) Always renew spark plugs that have accumulated dirt or become corroded. You will also have to keep your battery charged as it will discharge in storage. Hook up your battery to a smart charger to maintain the required charge levels and add a touch of grease to the battery bolts to prevent rust.

(7) You may have to rely heavily on your brakes throughout winter so regularly check your brake pads and brake fluid levels to ensure you are as safe as possible on the roads.

(8) Visibility is vital throughout the early dark nights, fog and snowfall of winter. Check all your lights and indicators are in perfect working condition and be sure to wear a reflective jacket.

(9) If you are in any doubt regarding the safety of your bike arrange to have a vehicle inspection test with a reputable mechanic. This will give you complete peace of mind and ensure your bike can handle winter’s adverse conditions.

(10) Last, but certainly not least, ensure your bike’s MOT is fully up to date. Accidents can happen in the winter months due to the dangerous icy condition of the roads and your motorcycle insurance will be invalid if your MOT is out of date. You owe it to yourself and other road users.

Follow these top tips and you will be on the road to staying safe while riding this winter. Remember, if you have any apprehensions don’t get on your bike.