January 2012


Showcasing pics and videos of the cool cars, bikes and trucks competing is the 2012 Dakar Rally. The world’s top adventure riders are currently battling it out in this amazing 5,000+ mile grueling race. The rally takes riders through the countries of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Starting in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the race includes hostile sand dunes, rocks, mud, camel grass and other treacherous terrain. The rally finishes in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

Dakar 2012 Route map

What a cool adventure this would be….but dangerous as we find out below.

The Dakar Rally has 3 main competitive classes:

1.  Truck Class (vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kg)

2.  Car Class (vehicles weighing less than 3,500 kg)

3.  Moto / Motorcycle Class (including a sub-class for quads)

The current leader of the moto (motorcycle) class is 2010 winner Cyril Despres. The French rider holds the narrowest of leads over reigning Dakar champion Marc Coma. The Red Bull riders, both 3-time winners are set for an epic battle over the remaining stages.  Follow the closing stages and find out if Despres can hold onto his slender lead via his blog on the official Red Bull Dakar site.

On the Red Bull official site for the rally, you’ll find daily updates from the front runners, fan favourites and interviews with the big personalities (Cyril Despres, Giniel De Villiers and Marc Coma being a few) who make the 34th Dakar Rally 2012, one of the world’s most intense and dangerous races.

Tragically, the Dakar Rally has already claimed its first victim with the death of motorcyclist Jorge Boero. Boero, a 38-year-old rider from Argentina was just a few miles away from the end of the first stage when he crashed his Beta motorcycle. Boero suffered a heart attack after the crash and could not be revived. The Dakar Rally has seen 21 riders, including Boero, perish since its inception in 1979. Another 38 people, 20 of whom were spectators, have died during the Dakar Rally.

Jorge Boero

To catch up with all things Dakar Rally related, Red Bull has setup a cool webite bringing you daily updates direct from the front line. Visit Dakar Rally 2012. On the website you’ll see up-to-date coverage of the Dakar rally 2012 , along with lots of cool video highlights and pictures like these:

Dakar Rally 2012 Pictures
Here we feature a collection of recent cool photographs taken of the rally. Many of these photos are featured on Boston Big Picture

Competitor in the Dakar Rally 2012 from Arica to Arequipa, Peru

Cool Dakar Rally 2012 Videos
One of our favorite stages so far was Stage 9 are here is a video of the highlights:

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Viral video by ebuzzing

The coolest bike stunt video i nthe world has to currently be the Danny Macaskill ‘Way Back Home’ video. Viewed over 20 million times on YouTube, this incredibly cool new riding video from Danny Macaskill follows him on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye.

He calls in at some amazing riding locations along the way including tourist hotspots like Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridge, as well as more off-the-beaten-track spots.

Check it out the amazing video here:

MacAskill’s riding is as jaw-dropping as ever, and the cash injection from sponsors Red Bull means he now has breathtaking cinematography to complement his breathtaking moves, courtesy of his close friend and film-maker Dave Sowerby.

During a live questions and answers session with fans, Danny talked about some of the highlights of making the film.
My favourite spot in the riding clip is probably the bakery wall ride in my local village,” he said. “I found it by walking out of the bakery with a big pasty! And then I saw the grass bank and the wall, and thought I could maybe jump up there one day.

“One of the hardest tricks in the film was probably the front flip off Edinburgh Castle as it was blowing a force 10 hooly! It was also raining really heavily. If it wasn’t for that it would’ve been easy!” For more from Danny, visit

The music in the video is Loch Lomond “Wax and Wire” and The Jezabels “A Little Piece”.

Showcasing 4 cool motorbikes that we’d love to own in 2012. Mind you, you’ll need deep pockets to buy one, not forgetting the cost of bike insurance for the privilege to own one of these bad boys!

1. Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorbike

Named after the famed F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorbike is a fighter in its own way. This third-generation two-wheeled ride is built using the highest quality components possible, from its billet aluminum case to its carbon fiber wheels, all of which are hidden in plain sight thanks to the X132’s unique au naturale design that showcases craftsmanship over fancy bodywork. Available for pre-order now for delivery in the first half of next year and costing a cool $45,000.

2. Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special Motorbike

This special edition sport bike features a blacked-out 1250cc V-Twin Revolution engine good for 125 hp, blacked-out cast aluminum wheels, a double-barrel exhaust with brushed-finish dual mufflers, blacked-out end caps and exhaust shields, Brembo brakes, a blacked-out low-rise handlebar, an ultra-fat 240mm rear tire, a slimmed down fastback tail section with LED tail lamp, a — what else — matte black paint finish, and blacked out forks, triple clamps, and swingarm. Great for discrete cruising after dark, not so great for avoiding attention at the beach. Costing $15,300 and up, we’d love to own one of these bad boys!

3. Ducati Streetfighter 848 Motorbike

Powered by a new 848 Testastretta 11° engine and sporting Ducati Traction Control, the 848 has been designed with ergonomics and user-friendliness in mind, making it as suitable for everyday commutes as it is for high speedsters.

4. Akrapovic Morsus (Marcus Fenix’s Motorbike)

Saving the best bike till last say hello to ‘Morsus’, a unique custom machine built for aftermarket exhaust giant Akrapovic. Akrapovic has always been authority on exhaust systems, whether its with cars or motorbikes.

With a cool attention-grabbing design that features, among other things, teardrop mirrors, 3D triple trees, and 26″ carbon wheels, this bike is probably top of our most wanted list. Add that with a drivetrain that carries a 1,852 cc S&S motor with Akrapovic’s modified exhaust pipe and you have a beautiful chopper that boasts of 114 horsepower.

With a motorbike like this, it should be a hot seller in the market, right? Unfortunately, despite its awesomeness, there’s still a catch – and a pretty big one at that: it’s not for sale. Having said that, you can still keep tabs on this custom chopper as it participates in a variety of custom-oriented events for the year. It’s not as good as owning one, but hey, it’s still something to look forward to.

Showcasing a video of the cool new Honda Civic. When Honda engineers set about designing the new Civic, they ventured into the unknown. They pushed boundaries. They took every path along the way. And in doing so, they created something really cool. Exploring is part of the fun. They took a 360º camera off the beaten path. Use your cursor to explore the environments and click on the arrow to venture forward. You’ll find things you can’t imagine!