Top 10 Super Bikes

Motorcycles are the ultimate symbol of cool. The faster the bike, the cooler it is. Here are 10 of the most advanced super bikes today, in no particular order.

1) Dodge Tomahawk
This beastly muscle-bike houses a nuclear generator of an engine in its chunky metallic chassis--one that is derived from that of the famous Dodge Viper. While not as sleek and sexy as many of its competitors, the Tomahawk throws itself from point A to point B in a blink of an eye with its unrivaled speed and power. This is definitely one of the baddest boys on the block.

> Engine: 8.3-liter V10 SRT10
> Horsepower: 500
> Top Speed: 480 km/hr

2) MV Agusta F3
This mechanical work of art is dubbed "The Most Beautiful Motorcycle in the World." Quick and compact, there isn't really another super bike with such a tiny engine in this elite class.

> Engine: Three-Cylinder 675cc
> Horsepower: 126
> Top Speed: 260 km/hr

3) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

Although relatively large and heavy, the ZX-14R has an incredible displacement of 1441cc. It has been dubbed "The World's Most Powerful Production Motorcycle" and has yet to live up to that moniker. Only in due time will we see if the Ninja assassinates every rival that competes against it.

> Engine: 1441cc
> Horsepower: 200
> Price: $14,699

4) BMW S1000RR

In a black and yellow paint job, the aggressively-designed S1000RR looks like an angry killer bee ready to ruin someone's day. With its finely-tuned engine and ultra-light construction, it will wreck almost every opponent it gets matched up against. BMW's high-end offering is both aesthetically attractive and pleasantly affordable.

> Engine: Four-Stroke 999cc
> Horsepower: 193
> Top Speed: 305 km/hr
> Price: $14,000

5) Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

The Hayabusa is a super bike named after the fastest bird in the world--the Peregrine falcon. This bird is able to dive at top speeds of nearly 200 mph. Similarly, the Hayabusa can reach just about the same maximum velocity. With beautiful curves and a price tag that isn't reserved for the rich and famous, the Hayabusa is like a fine lady who isn't just after your wallet.

> Engine: Four-Stroke 1340cc
> Horsepower: 197
> Top Speed: 330 km/hr
> Price: $14,000

6) Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike

This new version of the Ducati flagship model has been enhanced in a number of ways. Lighter, sleeker, stronger, and faster, the 1199 Panigale takes high-performance to another level. It is one of the most powerful pound-for-pound super bikes ever made.

> Engine: 1199cc V-Twin
> Horsepower: 195

7) Honda CBR1000RR

Starting in 2008, the speedy CBR was redesigned to be even lighter and faster than before. Much of the focus was on making the body more aerodynamic and reducing weight wherever it wasn't needed. The end result was a better version of this already excellent import crotch-rocket.

> Engine: 999cc Inline-Four
> Horsepower: 178
> Price: $13,800

8) Erik Buell Racing 1190 RS

This super bike is another futuristic marvel of engineering that combines luxury with performance for those who want everything in a cycle. Unfortunately, you're going to have to pay up if you want a taste of this milkshake.

> Engine: 1190cc V-Twin
> Horsepower: 175
> Price: $39,999

9) Yamaha YZF R1

A favorite among sports bike enthusiasts, the YZF R1 is the perfect blend of velocity and drive-ability. Ranked among the "Japanese Big 4" super bikes, this speed demon is guaranteed to put pretty much any Eastern or Western opponent to shame.

> Engine: Four-Stroke 1000cc
> Horsepower: 150
> Price: $14,500

10) MTT Turbine Superbike

This super bike is super sleek with its futuristic armor-plate-like body. Like all things from the future, this bike is equipped with an arsenal of high-tech devices including a laser scrambler and rear-mounted camera. The unbelievable part about the MTT Turbine is that it actually runs on a turbine engine unlike those found in jet planes. If this thing had wings, it would definitely take off.

> Engine: Rolls-Royce-Allison 250 Turbo Shaft
> Horsepower: 320
> Top Speed: 370 km/hr
> Price: $175,000

This guest post was written by Will who writes for a host of motoring companies and related businesses titanium supplier Dynamic Metals. Metals they stock include 17/4PH amongst many other metal alloys.