Top Tips When Shopping for a New Car

Shopping for a new car shouldn’t be as hard as buying your first one. Purchasing your first car is a big decision that often involves a lot of tedium and frustration. Buying a new car on the other hand, isn’t quite as bad, as you’ve been through the storm before.

Before you start shopping around, it’s vital that you decide what kind of car you want and how much money you’re willing to spend before you step out of the house or log on to a dealership website.

This is half the battle. If you know exactly what vehicle you want, it’ll make your search for a new car much, much more bearable and easier, so you can focus on other things like searching for the best car loan to go with.

Beware of the car dealer

No matter how amicable your car dealer may be, you should always remember that at the end of the day, the salesperson’s mission is to make as much cash as possible over every single deal. Your mission, on the other hand, should be to try and get the lowest possible price.

As long as you meet halfway, with you getting a good deal and the dealer making a small profit, everyone’s happy. You should beware of the add-ons the dealers will attempt to push for at the last stages as well as your salesperson palming you off to a ‘closer’ at the end, who specialises in high-pressure strategies to make you pay for more.

Timing your purchase

Most dealerships operate on a month-to-month basis, meaning that they will most likely accept lower offers towards the end of the month, just so they can hit their goals. If you visit a dealership on the last weekend or day of the month, you’ll find that the salesmen will be ridiculously flexible.

Better yet, visiting a dealership at the end of a quarter will get you some very surprising deals. You’ll find that the salesmen will be very accommodating, particularly with throwing various discounts into the mix.

Use the Internet

Of course, you could choose to avoid the dealership altogether and dive into the Internet for better deals and used cars. There’ll be fewer overhead costs and no commission to pay any salesmen. Overall, you can be sure that you’ll have some extensive reductions in price if you go with an online dealer.

What some people do is find quotes online and then take them to the dealership. If you’re lucky, they might match the price. As long as the seller believes you’re exploring other options, they’ll be willing to negotiate.