December 2014


Tattoo loving spiced rum makers Sailor Jerry have produced this cool short video called ‘Outside The Lines’. Featuring blaring jukeboxes, motorbike escapades, and skateboarding in locked-up empty swimming pools, Sailor Jerry’s new short film Here’s To Life Outside The Lines is a celebration of rebellion. The tattooist and innovator Norman Sailor Jerry Collins is the personification of an independent spirit who lived life his own way.

The video features a mix of archival footage that hearkens to an American lineage of counterculture, and new material with bikers, skaters, musicians and classic car enthusiasts, hand picked by Sailor Jerry from Southern Californian bars and hot rod clubs.

Filming for Outside the Lines was all shot on vintage lenses from the 1960’s and super 8 cameras and involves a cast of genuine bikers and bar-goers, interspersed with archive footage of skateboarders, stunts, musicians and classic cars. The short film also contains original footage of the inspiration behind the brand.

Like the music? Pretty cool isn’t it. It’s the cult classic track “T.V. Eye” performed by The Stooges, and even features Iggy Pop himself in the video with footage from the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival – stage to the infamous “peanut butter incident.”

Watch the cool video here:

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We’re massive fans of cutting edge of technology, especially technology that can improve our lifestyles. The Scania watch is a gadget that caught our eye recently with a sleek watch design and unique functionality which will appeal to long distance lorry drivers as one of the best features will be the simple timing function.

A Scania watch offers the user stats on fuel consumption and fuel efficiency trends among other things.  The Scania watch is perfect for lorry drivers because of two main reasons:

  1. Keeps careful track of time spent on the road so drivers don’t get penalised for driving when they should not be.
  2. Warns the trucker very clearly when it is time to pull over and to find a place for the night.

A feature that will surely work well with lorry drivers is the ‘driver score’ – this is a set of metrics designed to improve driver and the truck’s performance.

This watch is the first in a line of exciting tools to come from Scania and we look forward to seeing what comes next.

Features of the watch

The device is in fact a rebranded Sony SmartWatch 3, but it does feature some cool software additions (and more to come in the future). The Scania Watch can do everything an ordinary Sony SmartWatch 3 can. So it runs Android Wear, and has all the features of that device, including the 1.6-inch 320×320 transflective touchscreen, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 420 mAh battery, and IP68 certification.

But it’s also got “Scania FMS integration”, which is unique and connects you to your truck. The watch shows you an instant overview of your current fuel and AdBlue levels, and even current average fuel consumption, shown in contrast with your average from the last week. And there’s some trend analysis thrown in too.

The watch also gives you a ‘driving support’ score, which analyses your driving behaviour over time and gives you concise scores trying to help you become more efficient, so you can lower fuel consumption as well as the wear on your truck. Transport metrics are included too, so you can see information about average distance traveled, speed, and data about your current and weekly transports.

Finally, Scania has bundled three watch faces of its own, two digital ones and one analog.

To find out more about this cool watch, check out this video:

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