October 2015


Our car is our pride and joy. It may seem silly to some, but we grow seriously attached to our motors. And just like with anything we love, it’s important to show it the proper care and attention it deserves. Here are a few ways to keep your car looking its best at all times.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

Have you ever been caught off-guard by the awkward observation of a stranger – “your tyres are looking a little flat.” If so, you’ll know there’s nothing more dehumanising than to know you let it slip through your radar. Proper tyre maintenance is often overlooked in comparison to the aesthetics of our vehicles, but it’s just as important.

You should get in the habit of checking the pressure of your tyres every morning. That way you know that you’ll need to stop off to get them pumped up on the way home from work. It’s also important to replace your tyres when they’re showing signs of balding. Bald tyres are not only dangerous, but they’re also illegal.


Clean The Windows Regularly

There’s nothing more off-putting than a shiny new car with dull and dirty windows. Don’t be that guy. Make sure that all your windows and mirrors are gleaming at all times. That doesn’t just go for your front, back and sides either. Don’t overlook your wing or rear-view mirrors either. If you find a crack forming, it doesn’t spell the end of your window if you catch it early enough. Most of the time, you’ll be able to fix it easily with a windscreen chip repair. This is considerably less expensive than having to replace your entire windscreen, so always be on the lookout and don’t leave it too long.


Clean Car Seats Regularly

Don’t forget the seats! Keeping these clean will help your car smell nice and when you come to sell, nobody wants scruffy seats. Ever wondered how you get a milk smell out of a car then check out advice here.

Maintain the Paintwork

The body of your car is arguably its most important aspect. This is what makes people’s heads turn as you drive past them in the street. It’s what makes your car personal to you

Keeping the paintwork gleaming should be your utmost priority, at least as far as your car’s looks are concerned. Take it through the car wash regularly to make sure there is no build-up of dirt. If you’ve accidentally clipped something when parking, get that dent seen to immediately. There are few things worse than seeing a car’s beautifully crafted bodywork scratched. Getting it seen to is generally inexpensive, and most companies like Dent Removal 247 won’t charge you unless they fix the problem.

Check Fluids Often

When it comes to the fuel your car needs to survive; the buck doesn’t stop at changing the oil and topping up the gas. There’s an awful lot more to consider – brake fluid, windshield wash, water and power steering fluid to name just a few. You should check these about once a week. There’s really no excuse for neglecting this. Provided you keep on top of it, it doesn’t need to become a big job. And replacement bottles are readily available at garages, supermarkets, or online. Just think; would you rather take care of it now, or when you’ve broken down on the way home?


If you’ve started the process of learning to drive, your entire mind is focused on getting behind the wheel of your first car. It’s a truly thrilling moment in any person’s life, but you’ll only get to experience it once. So make sure you enjoy it!

Follow these tips below, and you’ll soon be driving around in the car of your dreams. Vroom vroom…

Passing Your Test

Before worrying about what car you want, your first priority should be getting your license. Until you’ve achieved this, you won’t be driving any car whatsoever.

Lessons aren’t cheap, so you need to commit yourself to the cause. Dedication will see you get on the road far quicker. For most people, a few months should suffice. If time is of the essence, though, you may also want to consider a quick crash course.

In addition to your practical test, you need to give the theory test suitable preparation. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it will keep you a lot safer on the road too.


Buying a car is a major life decision, and requires a calculated selection at all time. But research feels even more important with the first car purchase as this is a process you’ve never previously experienced.

One of the first questions you need to ask is whether to choose new or used. There are advantages to both, and it’s all about finding what works for you. More importantly, you need to think about the manufacturer. The most crucial aspect is to opt for a reliable and safe brand such as Hyundai. After all, the last thing any driver wants is to be left with a motor that doesn’t perform.

There’s a world of information available on the internet, and knowledge is power. Use it to make the best decision.

Do Not Rush

Buying a first car is one of the most exciting purchases that anybody ever makes and it’s only natural to want it straight away. However, it’s crucial that you take your time over this decision. Only fools rush in.

It’s great to have ideas about what car is best for you, but talking to an experienced dealer could help you find an even better option. Even if you don’t take heed of their assistance, it’s vital that you take any chosen car for a test drive prior to making a commitment.

Your eyes might fall in love with a car. But if it doesn’t drive comfortably, then it isn’t the one for you.

Look After It

The new car will be your baby. Therefore, it’s imperative that you treat it with care.

If you’ve gone for a used car, then there are a few simple tricks like cleaning the air vents that will make it feel brand new. However, even if you’ve bought a new one, it’s vital that you regularly check tyre pressures and liquid levels.

Looking after the car won’t just help it perform better, it will actively improve your relationship with it. Furthermore, it should extend the longevity and reduce the rate of depreciation too. What more incentive could you need?
Before shopping for a new car you need to focus on passing your test! The first part of your journey towards becoming a qualified driver is your theory test. People are so focused on passing the practical side of things that they often overlook the theory. This is phase one of the process, so you need to be ready for it. The theory test is often tricky and can prove to be a metaphorical speed bump.

However, if you follow this advice you should find it much easier. Take note of each of these points, and utilise them to help you pass with flying colours. This will bring you one step closer to your goal of becoming a certified driver!
The first thing you need to do is make sure you treat this as an exam. That is, essentially, what it is. So you need to be sure you prepare for it in the same way that you would for an exam. That means you need to ask yourself the question, what do I do after I book my theory test? Well, the answer is that you need to study. Now, you’ll have been taking lessons in the build-up, and you’ll learn as you go. So, now is the time to remember and brush up on what you’ve learnt. Get some driving theory test books and start studying the essentials. This will put you in a great position to pass your test first time.
Get There in Plenty of Time
Another good tactic is to make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare on the day. The last thing you want is to be delayed and be in a mad rush. So you need to set yourself enough time to get there and get into the right mind-set. Yes, you’re probably going to be nervous, and this is good because it means you care. But, by getting there with plenty of time to spare you can relax and unwind a little before you go in to sit the test.
Take Your Time
It’s imperative that you don’t panic and try to rush your way through. You might be feeling confident, but try to make sure you take your time. By rushing, you’re likely to make a mistake or miss something important. Plus, if you finish early you’re going to be overthinking things afterwards, and that never helps. Take your time, and go at a leisurely pace. You should take practice tests before the real thing so you get an idea of how long it will take.
Read Each Question Twice Before Answering
The big mistake a lot of people make when they take their theory tests is they misread the questions. Often, questions are intentionally worded in a certain way. And if you’re not reading them properly you might make a mistake and answer the wrong thing. So, try to make sure you read each question at least twice before you attempt to answer it. This will help you get a better understanding of the question, and you’ll be better placed to answer it.
The key with passing your theory test is not to panic. You need to try to remain calm, and if you can prepare you will feel much better about your chances. Hopefully, you can use the advice on this post to get yourself fully prepared for the impending test.