June 2016

The traditional view of the company car or vehicle is usually one of two things. The first is a standard saloon type of car that has ‘executive’ written all over it.

The second is the white van, with a logo on the side that describes what the company does. Both are perfectly reasonable options, of course. But, if your business has a fleet of vehicles, have you ever thought about doing something a little different?

There are plenty of advantages of using cool vehicles to represent your business. In today’s guide, we are going to explore some of the most compelling reasons why you should upgrade your business fleet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most significant advantages.  

Recognisable branding

First of all, a fleet of vehicles with similar design and eye-catching paintwork can spread the word about your business. As time goes by, people will start to recognise your vehicles for who they belong to, rather than they make of car.

A good example of this is the ‘grass’ cars used by many artificial turf companies. They are covered from roof to wheel arches in the product they sell, which makes for a company car that attracts the eye in more ways than one.

Think about the Red Bull cars you see, too, complete with their giant cans. You can spot them from a mile away, and they make an instant impression. Are there any design ideas that you can think of for your fleet?

Attachment to an auto brand

Brand recognition is also about using other brands to your advantage. So, you could jump on board Ford’s considerable power and reach by buying a set of distinctive set of F-150 Raptors and giving them a new paint job.

Everyone will recogniSe them for being Ford F-150s, but will get to know that those vehicles also represent your company. It forms a little link in their subconscious – and can result in better branding for your business.

It reduces your costs

Buying a fleet of vehicles can be expensive – but buying a fleet of similar vehicles can work out a lot cheaper. First of all, manufacturers often give discounts to businesses if they buy in bulk.

Second of all, you can also expect to get exclusive discounts for maintenance purposes. There are plenty of firms out there that offer Detroit Diesel engine repair deals to fleet managers, for example. It’s also a lot easier to get to know one car or truck and understand how it works, rather than having a variety of different vehicles.

Finally, having a fleet of vehicles that are the same model can help you control your costs a lot better. You’ll know exactly how much each spare part is going to cost, and you will understand the best ways to maximiSe fuel efficiency.

In short, if you are going to start a fleet of cars for your business, make them stand out – and always buy the same model for everyone. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
On the search for a great value city car, with a good amount of trimmings? Then why not take a look at the Suzuki Celerio? It’s certainly not a name that will be on everyone’s lips, but Suzuki’s latest compact has a lot going for it. Let’s take a closer look.


The basics

OK, so the Suzuki Celerio is the most compact and cheapest car on the books of the Japanese manufacturer. But, it is far from the standard, ‘knock ‘em out quick’ city car that you would expect. Suzuki gives you one engine choice – a 1.0-litre petrol affair – that won’t excite speed fans. But, even the standard model comes with a broad range of luxuries that should be enough to catch the eye of the average motorist.


Truth be told, the new Suzuki isn’t a stunning sight, but it does have enough appeal to win over the average car driver. It’s a slightly boxy affair, but a low gradient on the bonnet gives it a sportier look. You’ll get alloy wheels with the standard model, too, which does raise the standards somewhat. No, it won’t win any awards for looks – but there’s more to it than just being a practical car.


Behind the wheel feels a little average, but there are adjustable seats for positioning. And, we would have to say that the interior upholstery feels a little cheap. However, there is plenty of other features to enjoy. It’s the passenger and boot space where the new Suzuki excels. There’s plenty of room for two adults – and maybe three at a push – in the back. And, the boot is far more spacious than the vast majority of other cars in its class.

The good news for entertainment lovers is that all models come equipped with a DAB radio and CD player. Given that most manufacturers only have this as an upgrade, it’s a good move by Suzuki. That said, the in-car speakers are less than appealing – an upgrade here will be essential for audio lovers.

The drive

For a 1.0 litre engine, the new Suzuki is a surprisingly nippy little player. It only has a bhp of 67, but the body of the car is so light it’s more than enough to build up speed. Of course, you will struggle on a motorway to accelerate, but driving around town, it’s perfectly functional. And, indeed, we would say well above average for its size. For a compact car, the suspension is comfortable – way more than equivalent models from Honda and Skoda, for example. And, while there are a few issues with the steering, the Celerio handles well around corners.


The Suzuki Celerio hatchback is one of the most reliable compacts out there right now. And, given its also one of the cheapest – to buy and run – it offers excellent value. Throw in a few fresh accessories and the vast majority of city motorists will have plenty to enjoy. Looking for a new car? The new Suzuki is available now from around £6,999. You can also expect a three-year or 60,000-mile warranty within the price.

As any lover of motorcycling will tell, nothing beats the thrill of getting out and about on a big bike. But you can tweak things a little and improve your experience even more by adding a few accessories. We’re going to reveal some of the best ideas out there on the market right now. So, take a look and let us know what you think.

Tire and tube repair kit

OK, so let’s get started with something that all bike owner should have – a tire and tube flat repair kit. No one likes the thought of getting a flat while in the middle of nowhere. And, if you want peace of mind before heading out off-road or across vast distances, a good kit will help. Make sure you get a kit that works with your tires and keep those little CO2 canisters filled before every trip.

Motorcycle GPS

GPS has been a great hit with cars, but less so with bikes. However, the latest models seem a lot better than we have seen in the past. The likes of Garmin make motorcycle specific systems that are easier for cyclists to use. Make sure that your GPS is glove friendly and has big, chunky touchscreen functions on its interface.


A helmet camera can help you do a lot of things – not least prove someone has been driving dangerously, But it’s a lot more than that. You can record every single ride you take and store them for prosperity. You will also have instant access to your memories as the GoPro pretty much records exactly what you see. They are easy to attach to your helmet, and your riding experience will never be the same again.

Intercom system

Traveling with friends? If so, communication between bikers has never been easier than it is today. Intercom systems like sena 20s allow you to chat to your compadres as you are riding along. It’s ideal for safety, as well as the good times. You can warn your friends if you spot a potential problem ahead, and they can do the same for you. It’s taken many years for motorcyclists to have this ability – try it out and see how awesome it is.

Charging supplies

You won’t be able to make use of all this amazing gear if you don’t have a charging system. There are plenty about on the market. But, make sure you go for one that has a broad range of adaptors. With so many devices using different sockets, a single solution that does everything will be a lot more sensible.

High-quality security

Bikes are easy to steal, unfortunately. However, when you are on a pit stop and taking a break, secure your bike by getting something from the top of the range of security devices. So, our last tip is to take a look at the Xena XX15 Alarm Disc Lock. It’s made from stainless steel and includes a built-in alarm that will sound off at 120 dB. That’s enough racket to put anyone off.
Everyone has a car that they want to drive, but that they can’t afford to drive. The thing about dream cars is that they are expensive and normally too expensive for the average person. Thankfully, money doesn’t have to be an issue for any petrol head that wants to get behind the wheel of a supercar. As luck would have it, you can drive the car of your dreams without splashing the cash. In fact, you can do it without even owning the vehicle. Here’s how to make your dream come true this summer.


1.    Car Share With A Twist

Most car shares are made up of boring cars that you can find at any dealership. But, there are car share options that have exotic rides like Bugattis and Lamborghinis. In America, there is a service called Getaround where car owners rent their vehicles to the public for an hourly fee. The fees can range anywhere from $25 to $125 depending on the vehicle. Still, it is a lot cheaper than leasing one from a dealership. All you have to do is find the person with your dream ride and ask them for a quote. You could be rolling around in your new whip the same day.

2.    Test Drive Experiences

Manufacturers and race track companies offer people the chance to drive around their track in an exotic car for a small fee. Okay, the fee isn’t that small when you compare it to an average car. But, you don’t want to drive an average car. You want to drive an exotic car because that is your dream. The great thing about the experiences is that they are available to purchase from a variety of high street stores. As a result, you don’t have to go to the manufacturer or race track to find a good deal. Just go online and type it into your search engine for the best results.

3.    Rent One

In most cases, you should buy a car because it is better value for money. That isn’t the case, though, when you don’t have the cash. When you don’t have the cash, you should rent a car instead. Alternatively, you can buy one on finance as both deals are very similar. The pertinent point is that you can’t afford the car upfront, but you can afford the monthly payments. Also, rent agreements are flexible to a point. If you just want to indulge, you can lease the car for however long you please. Or, for however long you have the money to maintain the lease.

4.    Buy One Second-Hand

Who said that your dream car has to be brand new? No one said it, but that is how most people think. Well, it is time to stop thinking that way, and to get creative. When you have a budget, the amount dictates your choices. So, instead of a brand spanker, you can buy an old banger. The fact that it is a supercar should mean that it is in good condition.

There is nothing better than driving a retro car on a sunny day!