Star Wars fans will love this Storm Trooper Speeder Bike. Just how cool is this motorbike! Not sure how road worthy it is but it will certainly turn heads!

Speeder Motorbike

For those of you who don’t know what a speeder bike is from Star Wars, shame on you! here’s a picture and video of a speeder to help you sad people.

Speeder Bike Chase Video



  1. regardless what it is it's not good for anything but a trailer 🙁 I'd rather have something ride-able. I would challenge someone to bring back a true retro design of the 1930 Henderson Streamliner.

  2. Uh yeah… this bike looks almost exactly like the Batpod from The Dark Knight. It has nothing to do with Star Wars at all…

  3. who cares what it resembles it looks AWESOME! anyone have any more info on this?

  4. powered by a suzuki tl1000, same people make the tron light cycles

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