Grab your maps, international visas and bike insurance – here’s our guide to 4 of the greatest motorcycle journeys of all time. Far from being reserved for petrol heads and rockers, motorbikes serve as the essential means of transportation for a diverse range of people the world over, whilst throughout history they and the journeys they take us on have come to represent iconic symbols in all areas of life, from philosophy, revolution, exploration, art and cult culture.

Motorcycle Diaries – South America

If you’re a Che fan, seen the beautifully shot movie and have enough cash to ship you and your bike to South America, taking eight months to travel the sub-continent is a dream come true. The movie, which follows the book of the same name, recounts a famous journey in 1952 of the 23 year old doctor and his friend Alberto as they travel 5,000 miles across South America on an old 500cc Norton. The journey begins in Buenos Aires and takes in the Andes, Atacama Desert and the Amazon.


The Long Way Down – Scotland to South Africa

Follow in the footsteps of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman and drive your bike right the way to Cape Town.

The 15,000 mile journey, which was done by Ewan and Charley on BMW R1200GS Adventure bikes, takes in the pyramids, the Nile, Ethiopia, the Okavango Delta wetlands, Sudan, Libya and the Congo, ending at the southerly tip of South Africa – with 20 countries on the travel agenda visas and border crossing are de rigueur.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – mid-America

More philosophical adventure than travel adventure, the 1974 publication of Zen charts a 17-day motorcycle journey across the United States, which is undertaken by the protagonist and his son on a CB77 Honda SuperHawk.

The journey starts in Minneapolis and ends at San Francisco, incorporating Route 55, Camp Buell, Shadehill Reservoir, Missouri River Valley, Miles City, Jefferson Island, Beartooth Highway and Yellowstone.

Easy Rider – America

1969 American road movie, written by Peter Fonda and starring Dennis Hopper, about two bikers who travel through the American Southwest and South with the aim of achieving freedom was awarded cult status from day one.

Four former police bikes were used in the film, their design based on hardtail frames and built by chopper experts – the journey starts in Mexico and Los Angeles, before the bikers head east to New Orleans, Louisiana, in time to catch Mardi Gras.

So go grab a map, get your international visa sorted and bike insurance and get a cool bike trip planned.

More and more people are beginning to see the value in ditching their cars and hitting the roads on scooters and mopeds. It’s easy to see why. For a single person, it’s more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to get around. Plus, you can have a bunch of fun with custom options. Of course, families will still have to rely on their hatchbacks, but single people are free to choose. If you want to take the plunge and trade your car for a scooter, then this is the guide for you. Navigating the market for a scooter can be tough at first, but we’ve got all the information you’ll need to see you through the sale.

First of all, it’s important to get to grips with the types of scooter that are available to you. They often come in three varieties – 50cc, 150cc, 250cc. The cc stands for cubic centimeters and describes the size of the scooter’s engine. That’s the critical number that you need to pay attention to. The engine size plays a large part, and we’re going to help you figure out exactly how much power you need.


The smallest type of engine available to you is 50cc. On its own, that number may not mean a lot to you, so let’s go into a little bit more detail. Indeed, 50cc isn’t going to give off as much power as a larger engine, as you would expect. As such, the scooter’s top speed is restricted. Usually, in the case of 50cc scooters, you’ll encounter a top speed of around forty miles per hour. That rules out trips on the highway, for starters, but it also means it’s only suitable to flat terrain. 50cc engines just don’t have the power to ride uphill. For getting around your local area, though, they’re a great – and affordable – option. If that’s what you need, take a look at the Top 3 TaoTao 50cc Scooters.


I probably don’t need to inform you that the next size up increases your maximum speed limit. However, the difference is not as much as you might think. 150cc scooters generally only reach a max speed of around fifty miles per hour. That’s just an increase of ten. Where the real difference comes from, though, is its power. Indeed, a 150cc scooter will be able to handle going uphill, and also carry another passenger. Two things that are not recommended for smaller engines. Think of it as the scooter equivalent to a city car. Take a look at how to get the best bang for your buck.



This is where things start to get really powerful for the scooter driver. As you might expect, you get an increase in power, size, and speed. However, with that comes an increase in the running costs. You will have to opt for a 250cc engine if you plan on travelling long distances or with a passenger frequently. Take a look at your choices for a 250cc engine.

Of course, if you want even more power, there is even the option of maxi scooters, but that’s another conversation for another time.
If you love to drive, then how does the idea of a road trip sound?  The wind in your hair, the scenery drifting by, the majesty of the country in front of you. Of course, you’ll need to feel comfortable driving long distances.  And you’ll need to make sure your car is up to the task since you’ll be putting it through its paces.
Now, there’s dozens of incredible road trips you can take across the USA.  But for starters, here’s five wonderful ideas to get you on the road:

Cruise the Columbia River Scenic Highway

Most highways are very dull to drive on and give you little of interest to look at.  You can either find that experience stressful, or mind numbingly boring.  However, this highway was very much built with something else in mind – the scenery.
This highway takes you on a 75 mile journey.  Along the way you’ll see incredible mountain views, and even waterfalls.  And don’t worry about taking your eyes off the road.  Why?  Because there’s plenty of places for you to pull over.  Remember, this highway is designed as a scenic route!
But of course make sure you get here when the weather’s nice.  No scenery looks majestic when it’s drizzling!

But of Course: Route 66

Sadly, much of this two-lane highway no longer exists in its original state.  Such is the march of progress.  Fortunately however, some areas of the country have made sure to preserve this famous route as it was.
This is particularly wonderful if you’re a film lover.  As you travel down this road, again and again you’ll recognise scenery from movies.  Think of a famous road trip movie?  Chance are, they’ve travelled down Route 66.
Of course, you don’t have to travel the entire length of the highway.  But it’s recommended you do go right to the start of this highway.  That’s in Illinois, and among other things you’ll find the Route 66 Association Hall of Fame.

Travel through Hill Country Hideaways in Texas
Since Texas is just so huge, the differences from one area to the next can be profound.  Well, this region of Texas is quite central, with awe inspiring scenery.  You’re far from the bight lights and smog of the city here.
With this route, you’ll pass through plains, along deep rivers, and in by inspiring canyons.  And be sure to plan ahead for places to stay, since Texas could keep you driving for days!

But again, make sure your car is up to the journey.  The last thing you want is to have to get towed from the middle of nowhere.  So consider a car hire option like Prestige Keys Super Car Hire if you need to feel secure about the car lasting the journey.

The Great River Road

Consider following the Mississippi River.  Start at the north and work your way down.  And during this journey you’ll find the landscape changing significantly.  So you can expect hills, flats, and even far more challenging landscapes.

The Million Dollar Highway

This particular stretch of highway becomes elevated at more than two miles above sea level.  And the reason for the name of this section of highway is because it travels between gold-mining towns from the old west.

So consider these five road trip ideas as a perfect starting point to plan your next vacation.

Tattoo loving spiced rum makers Sailor Jerry have produced this cool short video called ‘Outside The Lines’. Featuring blaring jukeboxes, motorbike escapades, and skateboarding in locked-up empty swimming pools, Sailor Jerry’s new short film Here’s To Life Outside The Lines is a celebration of rebellion. The tattooist and innovator Norman Sailor Jerry Collins is the personification of an independent spirit who lived life his own way.

The video features a mix of archival footage that hearkens to an American lineage of counterculture, and new material with bikers, skaters, musicians and classic car enthusiasts, hand picked by Sailor Jerry from Southern Californian bars and hot rod clubs.

Filming for Outside the Lines was all shot on vintage lenses from the 1960’s and super 8 cameras and involves a cast of genuine bikers and bar-goers, interspersed with archive footage of skateboarders, stunts, musicians and classic cars. The short film also contains original footage of the inspiration behind the brand.

Like the music? Pretty cool isn’t it. It’s the cult classic track “T.V. Eye” performed by The Stooges, and even features Iggy Pop himself in the video with footage from the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival – stage to the infamous “peanut butter incident.”

Watch the cool video here:

If you want to find out more about Sailor Jerry then head over to https://sailorjerry.com/en-gb/films/outside-the-lines/ or visit check them out on these social networks:


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As a big supporter of the Movember movement, we loved what Bridgestone are doing with Bridgestone Bros decorating a cool 70’s VW Camper van with a huge mustache and embarking on an epic road trip in search of the greatest, bushiest mustaches in Europe. What a trip!

The campaign centres around an epic road trip through Europe by two Bridgstone Bros. The dynamic duo are set to travel in their vintage VW campervan from the Handlebar Club in London to the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Stuttgart. The documentary will form 5 episodes, with 1 episode posted on a dedicated website (www.beeneverywhere.eu) each week during Movember. The website is a dedicated space for the Bridgestone community to find out more information about the brand and its campaigns. The site encourages fans and customers to get involved by hosting interactive films, tips, information and competitions.

To support this worthwhile cause, check out the adventures of the Bridgestone Bros at www.beeneverywhere.eu

Jake Rønsholt, General Manager Corporate & Brand Communications at Bridgestone, said:

Our two Bridgestone Bros are sure to come across some truly unique and fantastic moustaches on their travels, which will make for interesting viewing. We hope our staff, dealerships and customers will be inspired by this film and by the branded collateral we’re issuing to get involved. Movember is such a worthy charity we are keen to raise as much money and awareness as we can through our Bridgestone Movember page.”

Also check out the video here:

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With so many people having travelled around the world in search of the perfect holiday in recent years, there are rarely any great surprises that are waiting to be discovered. We all have our own idea of the perfect destination, of course, but personal taste dictates that while some may point to a sun-kissed sandy beach, others will prefer a snow-capped mountain.

In a similar vein, we all have our personal opinions about what constitutes the perfect holiday activity. There are plenty of men and women who prefer to lie on a sun-lounger and do very little for a week or two in the summer, which is all very pleasant, of course, but many others would far rather take to the road and set out on a short journey of discovery and exploration.

The UK cannot boast the long hot summers of Florida or southern Europe, of course, but it has a rich heritage that most countries can only ever dream of, and a stunning backdrop of the most beautiful countryside. One of the best ways to experience the best that the nation has to offer the world is to take to the road on a motorcycle and see what comes your way.

There are several areas in Great Britain which lend themselves perfectly to two-wheeled touring, so it’s often difficult to choose just the one. A good starting point for first-timers is the south-east of England, in particular the spectacular counties of Devon and Cornwall. Here you’ll find rolling hills and rugged coastlines, and you’ll receive the warmest of welcomes.

Head north for the spectacular landscapes

The Highlands of Scotland are famous throughout the world for their wonderful landscapes, and if you’re planning to tour here you must make sure you have your camera with you at all times. One of the nicest aspects of riding around the Highlands is that there are rarely any traffic problems, even at the very height of the annual tourist season in the summer.

The Lake District in the north-west of England is another popular choice, with its stunning collection of lakes and hills. The east coast of Northumberland, another genuine favourite, is home to an impressive selection of historic castles and a surprising number of sandy beaches, many of which remain almost empty throughout the year.

Every tourist, especially in the current economic climate, needs to keep a close eye on the spending, of course. Using the roads in the UK isn’t cheap, although it costs far less for those on two wheels as it does for those on four. The price of petrol varies greatly from one region to another, so be prepared for some inconsistency as you travel around.

You should find the best motorcycle insurance deals before you head off into the sunset. It’s important to remember that every pound you save represents another pound you can spend on the more enjoyable aspects of the holiday. As is the case nowadays, seeking out the best cover is as easy as logging on to the web.

Italian athlete Alex Bellini is participating in the LA – NY Footrace 2011 – a grueling 5,000km race from Los Angeles to New York.

Alex is sponsored by Jeep and is just 1 of 20 competitors who are tough enough to compete in this exhausting adventure race.

The race consists of 70 stages of about 70km each stage which adds up to a total of 120 marathons in two and a half months!

The race which started on June 19th and ends on August 27th passes through the Nevada desert, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri into Pennsylvania to eventually finish up in New York.

Alex’s sponsor for the race is JEEP which coincides with their 70th anniversary of being off-road. To celebrate this anniversary Jeep have created a new online portal called ‘Jeep People’ to give people the opportunity to keep up to date with the progress of Alex, but also as a dedicated meeting place for Jeep enthusiasts.

Jeep People has three sections:

  1. one dedicated to Alex and accounts of his cross-American adventure; 
  2. one that highlights the history of Jeep with its supporters, celebrating the last 70 years; 
  3. and the last dedicated to those who live with passion, and will enable Jeep fans to launch their own challenge to Jeep (those who do will become Jeep-people: Just Enthusiastic Engaged People). 

The Jeep Wrangler website takes you on a journey through 7 different environments that the Jeep people anticipate Alex will encounter – and reflects aspects of the JEEP Wrangler Unlimited.

This short video gives you an idea of the ordeal that faces Alex is this adventure. The video starts by asking “Who among you has traveled 5,000km by plane in the past three months?'” And remember Alex is not a runner, but as he says “If there’s one thing we have to realise in life, it’s that we only have one. So we each have to find our own way of making it unique.” Here at cool cars and bikes we tend to agree with Alex’s philosophy and encourage our readers to watch this following video for more inspirational wisdom.

You can see Alex’s journey unfold on the Flickr stream of the journey or keep in the loop with his updates and Jeep People on Facebook or Twitter.

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