Bizarre Bikes


Sometimes it’s not about the sleek and shiny metals that make you stop, stare and lust with desire. Sometimes it’s all about making an impact and standing out from the crowd. Bike Builders are fanatics about their hobby and many have taken the craft of building custom motorbikes to a whole new level. Whatever your motorbike looks like, make sure you’re covered with Bike Insurance! Here are some of the wackiest motorcycles we’ve come across for you to marvel at and enjoy!

Like so many impulse purchases, this would really take some explaining when taking it home to the other half… Half bike, half Winnebago and a great way to spread unease through any campsite. 

How to beat rush-hour. To death. When asked by a car magazine to build a bike with ‘a military look’, stuntman Eddie Paul, certainly did not disappoint. Half way between Mad Max and Aliens, this bad boy includes twin 7.62mm mini-guns, armour plated body and a bullet proof windshield. Get your road rage on.

Wow. So meet the Dodge Tomahawk. With a top speed of just shy of 300 mph this is pretty much guaranteed to kill you at some point after you buy it. But hey, live (very) fast, die young right? It’s a beast.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just NEED to ride a motorbike dressed up as a cow. Wearing trainers. Anyone? No?

If H.R. Giger rode a motorcycle then I’m guessing it would look something like this. Made out of spare parts, this is the creation of 54 year old, Bangkok based artist, Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, who runs Ko Art Shop and exports his creations worldwide. Just a thought though, it might not be ENTIRELY road legal where you are…


A collection of cool but crazy one wheeled motorcycles from around the world. 

Kerry McLean’s V8 Monowheel (Near Fatal Crash)

A 800-900 lb. wheel, powered by an 8 cylinder Buick engine capable of speeds over 100mph. It has been clocked at 53 mph, although 100 mph is theoretically possible. 53mph may not sound that fast but monowheels are notoriously difficult to control, and stopping is another matter.What you are about to see started off as a fun family day, before things went terribly wrong (At 2 minutes 57 secs). When Kerry and his machine came to rest, his head was less than 6″ from a concrete curb. All I can say is that he is very fortunate to have survived this bike crash!

A more successful video of the V8 Monowheel…


Here is a video of a slower version of the Monowheel with maximum speed of 15mph and therefore a little bit safer…but still nuts!

The Uno Motorcycle
The Uno is the first fully functional (and non-accident causing) one wheeled motorcycle. Well, perhaps “one” wheeled – since there are technically two wheels on one narrow axle, next to one another. Nonetheless, the vehicle looks like Batman’s next Batcycle


19-year-old inventor Ben J. Poss Gulak crouches on his uno-cycle and leaps into action – the bike contains gyroscope stabilizers allowing it to remain upright through the roughest of turns. The duo-single wheel has treads only inches apart for stabilization, helping the motorbike cruise along as smooth as possible. Think of a Segway on speed with Hunter S. Thompson at the wheel. With a few hundred miles of desert between Southern California and Las Vegas, the Uno’s top speed of 40 mph will leave you needing some time to make it for a late night buffet or a Debbie Reynolds performance. Gulak feels with a bit more work this bike will perform as fast as any two-wheeled “crotch rocket.”

Not only is the Uno-cycle flashy, but did we mention it’s 100% Green? This bike is all electric, and probably looks a lot fancier than anything Al Gore could have imagined, much to the chagrin of GM big-wigs. God forbid they create a hip looking vehicle that does not run on gasoline.

Gulak designed the bodywork himself, giving it a unique feel, and straying away from trademark lawsuits from existing motorcycle manufacturers. The undercarriage is a butchering of existing personal electric travel devices: a Segway rider tilts a LeanSteer tiller left or right. The Uno respond to a rider’s lean forward, backward or to the side quickly with no need for a throttle, brake lever or swiveling handlebar. No brakes? Hmm, maybe faster than 40 mph should wait until people ride the bikes around a couple of weeks.

Gulak’s creation has been popping up all over the place as of late – from The Chicago Tribune to The Discovery Channel and even on the cover of Popular Science. The Uno creator hopes to move on with his education at MIT…think they’ll give him any trouble getting in?