If cars are your thing, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to business opportunities.  Just as long as you know how to apply for an LLC and handle the other formalities, the pickings are rich to say the least. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. There are literally hundreds of different automobile-related business ideas to explore, though some consistently prove more profitable than others. The following serving as prime examples of auto-related businesses capable of generating seriously generous revenues:

Starting your own automobile-related business is extremely profitable. And that’s because automobiles, like people, will always need maintenance and repairs. If you’re short of ideas on which sector to start in, here are a few worth considering.

Online Accessories Store

To be honest, there’s really very little to gain by going for the traditional bricks-and-mortar store option right now. The reason being that doing so involves so many entirely avoidable costs – retail space, labour, utilities, insurance and so on. By contrast, set up an online store selling car accessories and you have comparatively few overheads to worry about.  Exactly what represents the ideal product catalogue will depend on where you’re based and the audience you intend to target. In any case, the market for quality car accessories has never been healthier.

Towing and Recovery

If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of being towed away from a breakdown or accident, you’ll know exactly how much these guys tend to charge. The question being – why not explore things from their side of the fence? Believe it or not, picking up a decent tow-truck (or two) these days doesn’t have to cost the earth. After which, you’re in prime position to own and operate a lucrative towing and recovery business.

Auto Body Shop

One of the only provisos when it comes to running an auto body shop is having the talents to get the job done. Or at least, hiring those who do. You don’t have to keep an ongoing inventory of thousands of parts as you simply order them as and when your customers need them. There always has been and always will be strong demand for the refurbishment of damaged vehicles.

Battery Reconditioning

Why is battery reconditioning becoming such a big deal? Two reasons – the first of which being the relatively high costs of replacing vehicle batteries. In addition, the world as a whole is becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before. Reconditioning batteries is surprisingly easy and can be lucrative trade. That is, just as long as you avoid working with hazardous chemicals and assets.

Mobile Mechanic

Last but not least, there’s one inherent design flaw with just about every traditional garage currently operating in the country. When your car breaks down, you somehow have to get it to them to have it fixed. Precisely why the services of mobile mechanics are becoming more popular than ever before. The additional benefit of operating as a mobile mechanic being the elimination of most of the overheads associated with running a conventional garage.