Modern vehicles are easier on your ears than ever before. The silent hum of the engine is even pleasant. You probably hardly notice it. So that means any strange sounds are a sign that something is up. Take a listen as you drive to notice any noises that seem out of the ordinary. When you notice any sounds listed below, you can order online auto parts or find auto parts near me.

  1. Screeching or Squealing Brakes

High-pitched sounds when you brake may indicate that the hardware is wearing down. This is usually a sign that you may need to replace the brake pads and perhaps the rotors too. Replacing these parts will help you brake safely and efficiently.


  1. Chirping from the Engine 

If you notice a chirping noise when you accelerate or start your car, it may mean the drive belt–or serpentine belt–is wearing down and slipping. Thankfully, replacing your drive belt is easy and inexpensive.


  1. Rumbling or Sputtering Exhaust

A loud noise that happens underneath your vehicle is a sign that something is wrong with your exhaust system. Usually, it is a red flag that there is a hole somewhere in the exhaust. You may need to repair or replace a pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter.


  1. Howling or Whining While Driving

Sounds like this may indicate that bearings aren’t working properly. These tiny metal balls help the parts of your car rotate smoothly. The area of concern may be the rear wheel bearings, front-wheel bearings, or differential.


  1. Grinding Brakes

Grinding noise when you brake may mean that the brake pads are worn down and are contacting the rotors. It could also mean that the calipers are grinding against the rotor.


Resolving problems with your car doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find a variety of deals online, such as car battery coupons.