There are many options available for people to customise and modify their cars, whether it’s something simple like a paint job, or something more drastic like adding spoilers. Car modifications are a great way to really make your car your own, and lots of people consider it a personal statement by being able to build it in their own unique style.

Nowadays there’s no limit to what can be modified, and are able to do every type of vehicle imaginable, from cars, bikes and vans, to trucks, buses and lorries. You can also customise pretty much everything inside or on your car too. Whether you want to change the cosmetic look of your car, or want to change the actual features of the engine to make it run better.

However, car mods can get quite pricey. Cost also depends on whether you have the skill and know-how to do mods yourself, or whether you take your car to a professional.

Paint Job

Giving your car a new paint job is a simple way to completely overhaul the style of your car. Most people may choose a simple colour, but there are plenty of cars with some pretty wild and crazy patterns and murals.


There are plenty of mods you can make to your wheels, whether you’re picking out a new set of wheels entirely, or just customising the rims. Some people even choose to have larger tyres to give their entire vehicle a boost up. There’s even a mod where you can have the wheels flaring out. Although this could be highly impractical when it comes to parking!


A popular mod trend is to lower the body of the car, for cosmetic purposes, and there are many tutorials online that show you exactly how to do this. However, this comes with many disadvantages such as: higher insurance, it costs lot a lot of money, the ride will be more firm, and you’ll always have to be careful about going over speed bumps and hitting curbs.


Another popular cosmetic mod is to add a spoiler onto the back of the car. They come in many shapes and sizes, but may not necessarily improve the overall performance of the car.


Stickers are a great way to customise your car, as they’re cheap and don’t require any mechanical know-how. Some people decide to go all out and cover their entire car, while most people are content with just a few well-placed graphics.


For people who have the time and money, it’s a great project turning to car into an exact replica of a famous one. Whether you want to turn your car into the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine, or even the DeLorean.

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