Sometimes, it’s time for you to buy a new car. This means you have to say goodbye to your old one. It’s served you well over the years, but it’s time for a change. 

If you’re thinking about selling your car, then take a look at some of these tips:

Prepare Your Car For Sale

If you want to get value for money, you need to prepare your car for sale. Make sure that everything is in working order and that the car is cleaned. Clean the outside and inside so that it looks brand new. People are more inclined to buy a vehicle that looks clean and shiny. You also need to have all the service records and car history with the car when you sell it. It’s so you can show buyers that you aren’t lying when you say the car hasn’t had any work done. If you don’t do anything to your car and try and sell it when it looks a state, you won’t get as much money. Sure, someone may buy it, but you simply won’t receive anywhere near as much as you should.

Don’t Settle For Less

When you’re setting a price for your car, make sure you pick one that’s reasonable. Obviously, if you set the price too high, no one will even think about buying it. But this doesn’t mean you should set the price low and settle for less. 

You have to know how much your car is worth in the current market. If you click here, you can get a quick valuation for your vehicle. Once you know the price, you can put it up for a similar amount. I always think you should go a little bit higher than what it’s worth. This is because people often try and haggle to get a discount from the seller. 

If your price is slightly higher, you could haggle down to the car’s valuation price. This will make the buyer think they’ve got a cracking deal, but really they bought it for the standard price! Plus, there’s always a chance someone could buy it for the expensive price, which would be a bonus.

Pick A Way To Sell

There are loads of ways you can sell your car these days. Thanks to the internet, there are many websites out there that let you sell your car to other drivers. Or, you can sell it to other dealers who are looking for cars to add to their showroom. 

My recommendation would be to sell it directly to another driver. This is where you’ll get the best value for money and receive the best price for your car.


Instead of going out and selling your car separately, use it as a way to get your new car! When you go car shopping, some dealers will accept your car as a part-exchange. 

This means you effectively sell them your car to cover a portion of your new car’s price. The benefit of this is that it’s super quick, it will be sorted on the day. Plus, you get to save money on your new car, so, win-win!