In recent years, e-bikes have exploded in popularity due to their ability to provide a comfortable and effortless riding experience. Unlike traditional bikes, e-bikes offer a level of assistance that can make riding easier and more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll explore how e-bikes, including fat tire bicycle and electric trikes, offer the most comfortable riding experience.

E-Bikes Provide Pedal Assistance

One of the main benefits of e-bikes is the assistance they provide to riders. Unlike traditional bikes that require all the power to come from the rider’s legs, electric bike comes equipped with a motor that offers assistance to the pedals. This assistance can be adjusted to various levels, making it easier to ride uphill, into a headwind, or over long distances. E-bikes offer a range of benefits for individuals with disabilities or injuries. The pedal assistance of an e-bike can make it easier for individuals with limited mobility to ride and enjoy the outdoors. For individuals with knee or joint problems, e-bikes can reduce the impact and strain on joints while still providing a low-impact workout.

Additionally, e-bikes can provide a more accessible form of transportation for individuals who cannot drive a car due to physical or medical conditions. This pedal assistance is especially beneficial for riders who experience joint pain or other health issues that may make riding a traditional bike difficult. With an e-bike, riders can still get the exercise they need without the added stress on their joints.

Fat Tire Bicycles Offer Increased Comfort

Fat tire bicycles are a popular type of e-bike that offers a unique level of comfort. These bikes come equipped with wider tires than traditional bikes, providing increased stability and traction. The wider tires also absorb more shock from bumps in the road, reducing the impact on the rider’s body.

Additionally, fat tire bicycles offer a more upright riding position, reducing the strain on the rider’s back and neck. This makes it a great option for riders who want to enjoy a comfortable ride without the added stress on their bodies.

Electric Trikes Provide Stability and Balance

For riders who may struggle with balance, electric trikes are an excellent option. These three-wheeled bikes offer increased stability and balance compared to traditional bikes. They also provide a more comfortable riding position, with the rider sitting back in a chair-like seat.

The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike is an excellent example of a comfortable and practical e-bike. This trike comes equipped with a powerful 750W motor, providing ample assistance for hills and long distances. It also has an adjustable seat and handlebars, making it easy to find the perfect riding position for maximum comfort. Additionally, the large rear storage basket is great for carrying groceries or work essentials, making it a practical choice for commuting or running errands.

E-Bikes Offer Customizable Riding Options

Another benefit of e-bikes is the ability to customize the riding experience. Most e-bikes come with adjustable levels of assistance, allowing riders to choose how much or how little help they need. This customization can make it easier to ride longer distances or tackle more challenging terrain. Additionally, e-bikes often come with other customizable features such as adjustable seats, handlebars, and suspension. These features allow riders to find the perfect position for maximum comfort and reduce the risk of discomfort or injury.

E-bikes offers the ability to customize the riding experience. Many e-bikes, including the Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike, offer adjustable settings for pedal assistance, speed, and more. Riders can tailor their riding experience to their preferences and needs, whether it be a leisurely ride or a more intense workout. The pedal assistance can also be beneficial for riders who live in hilly or mountainous areas, making it easier to navigate difficult terrain.

Eco-friendly and safe riding

E-bikes also offer a safer riding experience compared to traditional bicycles. With pedal assistance, riders can maintain a consistent speed and keep up with traffic, reducing the risk of accidents caused by slower speeds. E-bikes also have larger and wider tires, such as those found on fat tire bicycles, providing better stability and grip on uneven or slippery terrain. Additionally, e-bikes often come equipped with lights and other safety features, making them more visible to drivers and pedestrians.

E-bikes can be a fun and eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation. Riding an e-bike can be a leisurely and enjoyable way to explore new areas and take in the scenery. E-bikes also offer a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation option, reducing the carbon footprint of individuals and communities. With the increasing popularity of e-bikes, more cities and communities are investing in bike lanes and other infrastructure to promote safe and accessible cycling.

E-bikes offer a comfortable, customizable, and practical riding experience for individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether you choose a flat tire bicycle or an electric trike like the Maxfoot MF-30, an e-bike can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable way to stay active and reduce your carbon footprint. With the ability to customize the riding experience, e-bikes can be tailored to fit the needs and preferences of any rider. E-bikes also offer a safer and more sustainable transportation option compared to traditional vehicles, making them a smart investment for individuals and communities alike.

If you are a hiker who likes to manoeuvre his/her way through the mountain forests on wheels, you might instantly resonate with the thought of biking. Navigating the jungles has become increasingly fun-filled; thanks to the electric mountain bike that are custom made to help you glide through the rusty terrain. Here’s what you need to know before buying one to jumpstart the expedition!

Bikes are an investment! Yes, with the environment sounding an alarm on pollution levels, it’s time to switch to fuel and smoke-free modes of commutation. And what could be better than cycling into the lap of nature without adding on to the black clouds that retard her bountiful offering?

While there is a range of options when it comes to e-bikes, finding an appropriate model than fits your budget and biking needs can seem challenging. This guide introduces you to the concept of electric bikes and to help you conveniently pick a befitting model one under $1000. 


Know your equipment

Once you’ve decided that you want to buy an electric bike for mountaineering, it would be rewarding to do a little research before you buy one. And if you are a newbie, here we aim to help you through the process.


What is an e-mountain bike?

It is a bicycle that is powered by an integrated electric motor. Such a motor can support the rider when pedalling. The best thing about these e-cycles is that they are eco-friendly and don’t have a throttle. Only when you pedal, the motor will provide the required assistance to enable you to speed up.

Of course, there’s a speed limit that ensures that the cycle to be classified in that category. This again differs across countries.

For biking enthusiasts who want to explore the mountains on their bicycles, it would be good to know the different laws about biking. Follow the discussion on this forum for mountain biking rules and more.

Some places such as Europe have a maximum speed limit for pedelecs although you don’t need to have a license to cycle as of now. However, the ones that have a speed limit of 45km/h have been classified as motorised vehicles. Also, such bikes aren’t allowed on regular bikeways. Again, some countries such as Switzerland have different rules.

Not all bikes are designed alike. There are various types of electric MTBs that you can pick from. From the light to all-rounder category and power ones, you can shop for one that meets your needs.

You’ll come across those manufactured for commuters, touring bikers, e-SUV range of bikes, and more. Most modern high-quality electric bikes typically rally the mid-motor design while you might come across designs that continue using the hub motors. While the former offers better power and is fitted on bigger sized models, the latter is nearly extinct although can be found on some very inferior models.

As experts suggest, the safer and versatile bikes that offer more comfort and traction are usually the full-suspension variety. If you are looking for a model that offers a better climb, bikes that emphasise less travel may not be the best for you.

When selecting a model make sure to look at all aspects of the bike. For instance, its battery capacity, mode of assistance, the weight of the rider, and the inclination profile of your trekking route.

Find out more on recommended areas where you can use your e-bikes at

The configurations make much of the difference in your electric bicycles. Every bike has a set of advantages and disadvantages, but the ones that integrate all factors make it a robust model. A closer look at the wheel specs, frame construct, gears, etc. can help you select a preferable model to suit the roads you wish to traverse.

Things like the frame will again depend on your budget. For instance, most e-bike models that cost under $1000 are likely to have aluminium bodies instead of carbon frames. However, not that the carbon frames are always better although they are relatively lighter.

Note, that the weight of your bike in an electric bicycle may not matter as much as that of a conventional one. Carbon frames are quite a favourite as these allow manufacturers to increased liberty on designing them innovatively.

The gears on your electric powered mountain bicycles can range from 8- 12 gears. Some of the age-old models featured even up to 30 gears making it more complex. The modern e-cycles provide compact gearing. When shortlisting your new vehicle, make sure that to look at its weight limit. This is important as it indicates the total load that your bike can withstand.

If you are searching for a vehicle under $1000 that also enables you to race uphill and downhill fearlessly, make sure that you check along these lines. Check out these tips to mountain bike downhill.



Your vehicle’s fittings play a great role in determining its performance. Some e-bike models allow for extended time travel. The ones that feature multiple functions of an assisted bicycle, normal, and that of an e-cycle score well.



Speed is geared by the power potential of your vehicle and is you want to ascend the slopes, those on a higher motor can provide a better ride. High-powered e-cruisers can make your everyday commute or simple mountaineering effortless and free of fatigue.



If your purpose isn’t just to get there but to reach a destination speedily, this factor will become indispensable. Bikes with a transmission system can help you ride faster than the ordinary ones.


Check the range

The speed range matters although it may not give you the precise speed performances as it is likely to be affected by the terrain to be trailed. Consider the bumps, rocks, weight, slope, and the mode of use when considering this factor. Typically, good batteries and powerful motors can provide anywhere between 20-50 miles/hr.



Vehicles with a powerful motor need supportive battery health. Biking vehicles that offer up to 40-50 miles per charge are reasonably good. Look for models that can be charged on or off its frame.



As discussed earlier, the frame tells a lot about the structural durability of the bike. The wheels, seat tubes, and the alloy used to make up the endurance and stability of your vehicle.

Covering the major concerns, we hope that this guide will help you with your decision of buying electric mountain bikes.

Sometimes, you just have to let go. Have some perspective. Reframe things. Ask yourself some searching questions; should that old banger sitting in your drive be a source of eternal embarrassment or a ticket to quick cash? Indeed, once you’ve decided your long and often arduous relationship with your car has run its course, then there’s no shame in accepting it’s destined for the scrap heap.

When you’re planning to scrap your car there a few things to bear in mind to get the best possible deal from the process. These are those; our 5 IDEAL tips for scrapping your car.


In the UK, somewhere between 6 million and 7 million cars are sold every year. A further two million are scrapped. Under the (commendably) strict environmental policies of the EU, cars must be disposed of in a particular way. Laws and regulations which were brought in to reduce the rate of theft of metals such as copper mean that it is illegal for car owners to be paid cash on the spot for their vehicles. Note that this doesn’t mean that you can’t get any money for scrapping your car, just that paper money ought not change hands. All this means is that it’s important to keep on top and in the know about changes to laws surrounding the subject.

Be aware of services who give you a quote and then offer to collect your car and pay you cash almost instantly. This is illegal, and you should avoid such arrangements. Reputable car scrapping services will recycle any parts they can on your vehicle, as well as provide you with a certificate of destruction. It’s not illegal to get paid for scrapping your car as long as all the guidelines are followed, culminating in a payment by cheque or by bank transfer once your vehicle has been processed.


If your vehicle is more or less past it, and making money on it as a whole unit looks optimistic, then you could sell its various parts separately for scrap. It may seem bleak, but it’s better than nothing, right? Before you take the leap, make sure your old car is ready to be taken apart and sold. Cars, much like that drawer next to your bed, accumulate a lot of stuff over time; some useful, some not so. Do a thorough clear-out and check every nook and cranny before you bid farewell to your wheels. Remember, too, to cancel license plates and insurance to avoid any extra costs slipping your mind later down the line. What’s more, you should use up all of the petrol in the car; that’s extra money right there which you don’t want to be donating.


One of the parts of the car that many people claim is the most valuable is the catalytic convertor. But what is it and is it worth removing before your car is scrapped?

Your car relies on its fuel system and one of the additions to this system is a catalytic converter, an item which controls the harmful emissions that come from the engine. It does this using catalyst substances which in turn cause a chemical reaction mitigating those emissions and ensuring that they do not make their way out of the exhaust pipe. Without a catalyst convertor, your car is going to be pumping out hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, all into the environment.

They might not look like much, similar to an exhaust silencer, but the catalyst convertor is a valuable part of the car. The main reason for this is that they contain precious metals including platinum, rhodium and palladium, all of which can be worth a fair amount of money if the part is opened and these materials removed.


You might want to make the most money possible from your car, but for the majority of us, it’s not advised that a catalytic converter is removed from your car. The main reason for this is because the materials that are within the part, the ones that ensure that the chemical reaction occurs when the part is heated up next to the engine, are incredibly harmful.

If you are not aware of the process or the best way to remove the convertor then you’re going to put yourself at a risk of injury, which can be serious, and also of damaging that part of your car too.

If you damage the convertor when you remove it, then you are going to reduce the value that it can be sold for, which is the exact opposite of what you are going to want to do. Therefore, it’s a much better idea to trust the removal of all the parts in your car to an expert. Not only can they make sure that all the parts are removed in a safe way, but also that they are removed in a way that is going to make sure that you get the most money for your car when it is scrapped.


Several charitable organisations exist who will gladly take your car, arrange the scrapping of it and use the money for charity. If philanthropy is your thing (and it should be), then this channel should appeal.,, and Oxfam’s dedicated donation service are just a few of the major players here. They’ll even collect your car and give you a choice in which charity receives the donation.

Having a personalised number plate is pretty awesome and once you have one then chances are that you are going to want to keep it no matter if you buy a new car. If you have bought a personalised number plate and you need to know what to do if you want to keep it when you change your car, then you might want to read on through this guide to the steps to follow.

Can I keep my personalised number plate?

The big question is whether or not you are able to keep your personalised number plate should you choose to change your car and the answer that you are likely to be hope for is yes. In fact, it is actually relatively easy to do and doesn’t take too much time or effort.

It doesn’t matter if you are scrapping your car, or if you are simply selling it to buy a new one. The number plate that was bought for you, or that you bought as a treat for yourself, can come with you.

How do I keep my personalised number plate?

In order to keep your number plate you are going to need to fill out a form that is available online through the DVLA. This form is called a V317 and will let the authorities know that you want your number plate to be taken off of your current number plate and placed on a new car or kept to the side until you are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

Your car will need to be registered with DVLA, it will need to be able to move under its own power and it has to be taxed, or declared as SORN for the last five years continuously. Whilst most of the time this is enough, sometimes the DVLA will decide that they want to inspect the car before they will agree for the number place to be removed, however, this is rare and they will let you know if this is going to be the case.

If you are transferring your number plate to a new car, then you will need to ensure that you have the V5C registration certificate or the V5C/2 new keepers section of the previous owners V5C if you have purchased it from them.


Anything else that I need to know?

The form is not only to notify that you no longer wish for your personalised number plate to be associated with your car, but it will also ask you what you want to happen once the number plate is removed.

The process to remove a number plate from a car costs £80 and along with this cost you will also need to pay out for the new number plates to be made up, should you need to.

If you are not placing your personalised number plate on a new car then you can keep the plate for up to 10 years without having to registering it to a new vehicle. When the time comes to assign it to a new car, you will need to go through the same application process as if you were going to remove the plate from one car and transferring to another, however, there will be a certain part of the form that you will need to fill out.

When you have made an investment into a personalised number plate, it is good to know that you can take it with you should you want to change your car.


Modern vehicles are easier on your ears than ever before. The silent hum of the engine is even pleasant. You probably hardly notice it. So that means any strange sounds are a sign that something is up. Take a listen as you drive to notice any noises that seem out of the ordinary. When you notice any sounds listed below, you can order online auto parts or find auto parts near me.

  1. Screeching or Squealing Brakes

High-pitched sounds when you brake may indicate that the hardware is wearing down. This is usually a sign that you may need to replace the brake pads and perhaps the rotors too. Replacing these parts will help you brake safely and efficiently.


  1. Chirping from the Engine 

If you notice a chirping noise when you accelerate or start your car, it may mean the drive belt–or serpentine belt–is wearing down and slipping. Thankfully, replacing your drive belt is easy and inexpensive.


  1. Rumbling or Sputtering Exhaust

A loud noise that happens underneath your vehicle is a sign that something is wrong with your exhaust system. Usually, it is a red flag that there is a hole somewhere in the exhaust. You may need to repair or replace a pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter.


  1. Howling or Whining While Driving

Sounds like this may indicate that bearings aren’t working properly. These tiny metal balls help the parts of your car rotate smoothly. The area of concern may be the rear wheel bearings, front-wheel bearings, or differential.


  1. Grinding Brakes

Grinding noise when you brake may mean that the brake pads are worn down and are contacting the rotors. It could also mean that the calipers are grinding against the rotor.


Resolving problems with your car doesn’t need to be expensive. You can find a variety of deals online, such as car battery coupons.

If cars are your thing, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to business opportunities.  Just as long as you know how to apply for an LLC and handle the other formalities, the pickings are rich to say the least. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. There are literally hundreds of different automobile-related business ideas to explore, though some consistently prove more profitable than others. The following serving as prime examples of auto-related businesses capable of generating seriously generous revenues:

Starting your own automobile-related business is extremely profitable. And that’s because automobiles, like people, will always need maintenance and repairs. If you’re short of ideas on which sector to start in, here are a few worth considering.

Online Accessories Store

To be honest, there’s really very little to gain by going for the traditional bricks-and-mortar store option right now. The reason being that doing so involves so many entirely avoidable costs – retail space, labour, utilities, insurance and so on. By contrast, set up an online store selling car accessories and you have comparatively few overheads to worry about.  Exactly what represents the ideal product catalogue will depend on where you’re based and the audience you intend to target. In any case, the market for quality car accessories has never been healthier.

Towing and Recovery

If you’ve ever had the unpleasant experience of being towed away from a breakdown or accident, you’ll know exactly how much these guys tend to charge. The question being – why not explore things from their side of the fence? Believe it or not, picking up a decent tow-truck (or two) these days doesn’t have to cost the earth. After which, you’re in prime position to own and operate a lucrative towing and recovery business.

Auto Body Shop

One of the only provisos when it comes to running an auto body shop is having the talents to get the job done. Or at least, hiring those who do. You don’t have to keep an ongoing inventory of thousands of parts as you simply order them as and when your customers need them. There always has been and always will be strong demand for the refurbishment of damaged vehicles.

Battery Reconditioning

Why is battery reconditioning becoming such a big deal? Two reasons – the first of which being the relatively high costs of replacing vehicle batteries. In addition, the world as a whole is becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before. Reconditioning batteries is surprisingly easy and can be lucrative trade. That is, just as long as you avoid working with hazardous chemicals and assets.

Mobile Mechanic

Last but not least, there’s one inherent design flaw with just about every traditional garage currently operating in the country. When your car breaks down, you somehow have to get it to them to have it fixed. Precisely why the services of mobile mechanics are becoming more popular than ever before. The additional benefit of operating as a mobile mechanic being the elimination of most of the overheads associated with running a conventional garage.


What does it take to rank among the coolest cars and trucks of all time? Speed?  Power?  Incredible looks? In reality, it could be any combination or indeed none of these things. Instead, to rank among the best of all time, you simply need to bring something to the table that goes above and beyond the competition. To illustrate the point a little more clearly, here’s a brief overview of 10 of the coolest US cars and trucks of all time, as rated by experts across the country:

Ford Mustang

The pride of a new generation of muscle car fans hiding under Ford car covers nationwide, the incredible 2017 Mustang ticks all the right boxes. Affordable, powerful, gorgeous to look at and surprisingly fuel-efficient – a true legend in the making.

2017 Ford Mustang
2017 Ford Mustang


Chevrolet Bolt

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt may not be the prettiest or most powerful car of its kind, but it is nonetheless the current record-holder in terms of range. At least in terms of affordable electric cars, the Bolt is capable of an impressive 238 miles from a single charge – well above other EVs in its class.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV


Tesla Model S

At a slightly higher price point, the Model S sells for anything from $68,000 to $240,000, though delivers the kind of performance most supercars cannot contend with. Comfortable, luxurious and economical, the S powers from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S


Chevrolet Colorado

This is the absolute perfect pickup for heavy-duty towing and general city commuting alike. An all-in-one workhorse that takes absolutely anything you can throw at it and deals with it with a grin.

Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet Colorado


Chrysler Pacifica

Spectacularly affordable for a minivan of such quality, the 2017 Pacifica was rated as one of the best cars of its type available from any American manufacturer. Bursting with high-end safety and entertainment features to keep even the biggest families entertained.

Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler Pacifica


Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 was and is the most spectacular success story of any truck of its kind. It’s just that the 2017 model was the most impressive seen to date and a bargain almost beyond belief.

Ford F-150
Ford F-150


Chevrolet Impala

With an extremely impressive resale value and a V6 option available with more than 300 horse power under the hood, the 2017 Impala is the kind of ride you’ll want to protect with a reliable Chevy car cover. Impressive in every respect that matters.

Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala


Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is every bit as impressive as the S, combining supercar performance with the comfort and luxury of a high-quality SUV. It’s rather on the expensive side, but delivers the kind of enjoyment and prestige that never comes cheap.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X


Chevrolet Corvette

Argue it’s not exactly practical all you like, but the 2017 ‘Vette it is not only sophisticated, powerful and an absolute blast to drive, it’s also every bit as American as the Statue of Liberty itself.

Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Corvette


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Last up, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid scored huge points the moment it rolled off the production lines by delivering at least 10mpg better fuel economy than its closest competitors. It’s also fantastically comfortable and a genuine joy to drive.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


Motorcycle riding gear is much more than style, though I’d say some of the gear you can buy these days looks pretty cool, especially the jackets. In fact, riding gear plays an essential role in your safety on the road from head to toe. Whether you’re riding down the street or across the country, never underestimate the importance of protective gear. Here are the top five benefits of riding gear.


  1. Protection From the Elements

Winter riding is a no brainer for wearing gear to protect you from the elements but even sunny days can feel intense when you’re tearing down the road at highway speeds. The proper motorcycle gear for riding protection should always include a helmet, wind-resistant jacket, gloves, goggles and boots.

It goes without saying that a helmet is top of the list as the most important as good riding gear always starts with your helmet and a quality lid is the most important piece of gear you wear on any ride. Choosing a helmet is all about finding one that best fits you and your needs. 

riding gear


  1. Impact Absorption

Though you hope never to be in one, accidents do happen. Your best defence against injury is the appropriate gear. As we mentioned, your helmet is your greatest asset during a spill and can save your life. Almost equally important though is your motorcycle jacket which needs to fit snuggly and protect vulnerable areas from road rash and debris. It’s worth knowing that quality riding gear armour will carry a CE (Certified European) rating that the US has unofficially adopted. Higher quality armour is more pliable and comfortable over long periods of time. Abrasion resistance is a big safety factor, with modern materials like Cordura® and Superfabric® being some of the best available. 

What not to wear…


  1. Comfort

On long rides, your comfort is important. Motorcycle gear caters to a rides comfort, providing support and protection where you need it most. In particular, your boots and gloves play a huge role in your comfort level. Sturdy boots support your ankles, keeping them firmly on the shifter. Gloves keep your hands warm and loose, helping your grip. There’s plenty of choice online from sites such as

riding gear


  1. Improved Aerodynamics

Riding gear is designed to dampen the effects of wind. Not only does this keep the rider warm, it improves your performance and fuel efficiency. Granted, unless you’re a professional sport rider, you won’t notice many aerodynamic benefits; however, at high-speeds, there’s a definite difference in wind resistance between tight-fitting and loose-fitting clothing.


  1. Better Control

Finally, good motorcycle gear increases your riding stamina and gives you more control over your machine. Without the elements beating in your face, you can focus on your surroundings, keeping you alert and responsive.

When driving a car, there are many things that can easily distract us and one of the biggest distractions I find when I’m driving is my two boys arguing/fighting in the back of the car. Only this weekend this very thing happened to us in Stratford Upon Avon which is a good 250 miles away from our home in Cornwall.

We were driving along some unfamiliar roads and approaching a large roundabout and my boys started arguing/flighting in the back. For some reason they always have the knack of doing this at the worse possible moment i.e. a very busy rush-hour roundabout at night. Thanks guys! They don’t mean it of course, they’re only 6 and 8 years old brothers who were excited that we were finally close to the hotel having driven 5 hours. At that moment however, I couldn’t concentrate or hear what the sat-nav was telling me, so I had to wait at the roundabout until they’d calmed down. If you’re a parent then i’m sure you’ve had a similar experience of children distracting you when driving. Interestingly I came across some research this week stating that ‘kids arguing’ was the fifth biggest distraction for drivers and also ‘kids fighting’ appeared in ninth spot. I reckon if you add those two together it easily makes the most distracting for drivers.

The research points at people with their full beam on being the number one most distracting, followed by heavy rain, getting lost and debris in the road. Here is the graphic I found with the percentage break down for each distraction:

Driving Distractions

Driving Distractions

Along with this research, Accident Advice Helpline also have a useful interactive map highlighting accident hotspots which is a useful overview of the dangers on roads throughout England along with lots more advice and tips.


Every driver knows that safe and well-maintained tyres are critically important for health and safety. The number of accidents caused every year simply due to poor tyre quality being both alarming and tragic. Nevertheless, evidence suggests that far too few motorists invest the necessary time, effort and focus in the appropriate maintenance of their tyres.

Of course, the first and most important rule of tyre safety is to ensure you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer precisely. Which will include ideal tyre pressures for both summer and winter driving alike. Outside this, it’s simply a case of keeping an eye on the physical condition and maintenance of your tyres on an on-going basis.

The simple fact of the matter is that tyre-wear cannot be avoided and is therefore going to happen over time. Nevertheless, there are certain specific tyre-wear patterns that could suggest something isn’t quite right. Which along with reducing the life of your tyres by causing excessive damage could also prove to be a severe safety risk.

If your tyres are not wearing away evenly and consistently, you may want to acknowledge and address the issue at the earliest possible juncture.


One-sided tyre wear

For example, if any of your tyres seem to be wearing away on one side only, this could mean that your wheels are misaligned. This is usually something that can be corrected relatively easily by a mechanic, though may in some instances indicate a more severe mechanical issue. In either case, misaligned wheels not only cause excessive tyre damage, but can also have a detrimental effect on the way the car handles. Which, for obvious reasons, can be extremely dangerous.

One sided tyre wear
One sided tyre wear


Centre tyre wear

If there appears to be an excessive amount of wear right down the centre of one or more tyres, this is more often than not caused by excessive inflation. The problem being that over-inflated tyres have the potential to be even more dangerous than misaligned wheels. Along with wearing out considerably faster, the actual ‘handprint’ of the tyre that comes into contact with the road may be reduced significantly. Which means that whether accelerating, breaking, steering or just driving in a straight line, you may have significantly reduced traction. What’s more, over-inflated tyres also increase the likelihood of blowouts while driving.

Centre tyre wear
Centre tyre wear


Two-sided tyre wear

By contrast, if the wear seems to be confined exclusively to both sides of the tyres, this suggests that they are under-inflated. While under inflation at minor level isn’t particularly dangerous, it nonetheless shortens the tyre’s respective life cycle and can also lead to fuel bills increasing by as much as 15 per cent.  This is due to the fact that your engine must work more intensively to get the job done.

Diagonal tyre wear

Last but not least, if the wear on your tyres appears to be diagonal, it suggests that the wheels in question may be toed-out or toed-in. Which basically means that the wheels are not pointing perfectly straight and aligned as they should be.  It could also be that you are simply overloading your vehicle with cargo, which can also result in diagonal wear.


If you’re looking for some new car tyres then giga tyres has all kinds of tyres for sale.