In this review, we’ll take a look at the BMW C650GT. It’s a large scooter that’s dubbed as being great for riding around a city. I’ll find out what’s good and bad about it and answer one critical question. Is it the best city bike around?


We’ll start this review off by judging the looks of this BMW bike. Personally, I think it looks great. I love the design, and it’s very sleek and sexy. It’s very similar to a lot of the cars BMW create too. They’re built with a sense of elegance and class while maintaining some gorgeous looks. This bike is the same; it’s a classy bike for a classy person. You can see this beautiful bike in action here…


The BMW C650GT is a great little scooter to ride. The quality of the ride is right up there with the best around. You don’t feel as though you’re being thrown all over the place; everything is smooth. It corners like a dream, and the brakes are extremely responsive. The only slight issue I had was with the tyres. I felt as though they didn’t grip the surface as well as I expected. But, it’s not so much of an issue with the bike, it’s more to do with the tyre manufacturer. Plus, there are sites like that review tyres for you. So, you can pick out the best ones to fit your GT and enhance the ride even more.


During my testing period, I found no problems with this bike at all. Everything continued to function as you would expect it too. There were no mechanical faults or issues with the body. As far as build quality goes, it’s one of the best around. You’re certainly getting a reliable bike when you buy this bad boy.

Price And Running Costs

Price is the thing that trips this bike up a bit. Buy it brand new and it can set you back quite a bit. Compared to a car, the price is fairly reasonable. However, there’s no denying that there are much cheaper bikes out there on the market. Plus, it’s not the most economical of bikes. It’s still cheaper to run than most cars, but I was hoping for a bit more. Are you getting good value for money with this bike? Probably not, but at least it looks cool!

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, this bike is extremely elegant and classy. It’s the type of bike you buy if you want to make a statement. Is it the best city bike around? I wouldn’t say so. I think there are smaller bikes that are better at getting you through tight roads and traffic. But, it is one of the best and coolest looking bikes on the market today.