When buying your first car, judgment can be clouded by excitement and wonder. But, it’s not a good idea to simply go out and buy the first car that you see. Instead, you need to be doing some research. And, you need to see more than one car. It’s important to make sure that you’re choosing the very best option at this time. It can be hard for young drivers to get a car within their budget that fulfils their needs. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the things you have to consider when you’re buying your first car. Of course, your parents will probably have a thing or two to say, as well!

Safety should be your number one priority when you’re buying a car. You’ll probably be buying an older car if it’s your first one. So, you’ll be looking at cars that might not be quite as safe as newer ones. This makes it extra important to find the best example you can. Most countries have their own safety standards organisations. But, most countries will also look to NCAP for their opinion on a car. This organisation tests and checks every new car on the market. So, the odds of find thing the cars you like on their site is very high. You can compare and find the safest car with ease. And, you don’t have to pay for it.

Next, you should be thinking about economy. As mentioned above, most young people don’t have very much money. So, you will want to be looking for a car that doesn’t cost much to run. Usually, this will mean looking at smaller cars, with lower-capacity engines. These will cost less to keep fuelled, and they will also cost less on insurance. Most countries have different ratings for economy. So, you may have to do some research before you can find the very best economic option.

Mileage can tell a good story about a car. Usually, you don’t want to be looking at cars that have more than ten thousand miles on the clock for each year that they’ve been on the road. But, if you can get it lower than that; you might have found a winner. But, you can’t just rely on milage alone. You should also have someone come with you to see the cars you like to make sure that they are in good working order. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find someone in your family or friendship group who has the knowledge to help you here.

You’re most likely to crash your car within the first few years on the road. So, your first car is likely to take a bit of a beating. This means that it’s a good idea to look for cheaper options. You may need the help of poor credit car finance. So, in this case, you would want to be getting into as little debt as possible. Looking for a cheaper car can achieve this aim.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done while you’re choosing your first car. This can be a difficult time. Excitement is in the air. And, most people just want to get on the road. But, you shouldn’t let this cloud your judgement. You should be trying to get as much for your money as possible.

Let’s be honest – you don’t have to be a diehard fan of motorcycles to be impressed by an epic Harley Davidson. In fact, you really only have to hear the mention of the name to immediately get a headful of enticing…if slightly cliché…images of burning down highways and byways with the wind in your hair. You may have no intention of ever getting on anything with two wheels and an engine, but it’s still an enjoyable daydream!

One of the best things about Harley Davidson motorcycles these days is the way in which you don’t have to hand over a king’s ransom in order to own one. You’ll find plenty of high quality yet affordable used Harleys here, for example. Indeed, it’s becoming easier to own a piece of true motorcycle history all the time – which is of course something we’d happily advise anyone to do!

So to whet the proverbial whistle just that little bit further, here’s a quick rundown of a few semi-interesting facts about Harley Davidson you probably didn’t know:

Harley Made Bicycles

First of all, prior to making any kind of machine with an engine attached to it, the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycle company actually made standard pushbikes. Just like the motor bikes that would eventually follow, they weren’t exactly what you’d call cheap and catered exclusively to an upmarket clientele. Suffice to say, track one of these babies down right now and you’re probably looking at an eye-watering price tag.

Engine Add-On

It was back in the year 1904 the Harley Davidson motorcycles was officially founded, as a partnership venture between William S Harvey and Arthur Davidson. Their initial efforts were somewhat on the remedial side by today’s standards – the first Harley Davidson motorcycle being a standard pushbike with an engine subsequently bolted onto the frame.

Harley Wasn’t Always the Market Leader

The biggest problem the company faced when it first emerged was the way in which they immediately found themselves up against more than 100 established motorcycle manufacturers. Given the fact that so many premium motorcycles had already been coming out of India for more than five years before Harley Davidson even existed, it was inevitable that they would go largely unnoticed for quite some time. Or at least, a couple of decades – Harley Davidson going on to successfully become the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world by 1920.

Harleys Were Once Powered By Porsche

Certain examples of them anyway, as back in the 1970s the company created a touring bike that went by the name of the Nova. One of the things that made this particular bike special was the way in which it featured a compact liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-4 engine displacing 800cc, designed by Porsche. The project was eventually abandoned and this was the last time these engines appeared in Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Evel Knievel Doesn’t Hold the Distance Record for Jumping a Harley

Last up, you may believe (or at least have presumed) that the longest-ever jump carried out using a Harley Davidson motorcycle would have been the work of Evel Knievel. Which was true for some time, but the 133-foot jump he achieved back in 1975 was smashed by Seth Enslow in 2010, who managed to fly an incredible 183.7 feet on a Harley Davidson. Watch the video of Seth Enslow Harley jump here:

This hubless cool chopper bike by Amen Design  is the world’s first fully functional motorbike with two hubless wheels. 

The biker boys at Amen Design have built a chopper based around Franco Sbarro’s hubless wheels. And it really rides! Hubless (centreless) wheel is a type of wheel with no center hub. Advantages of the hubless wheel includes includes decreased weight, lower center of gravity, increased braking leverage, and more accurate steering. We think it looks like a bike from the movie ‘Bolt’…pretty cool but changing the tyres would be a nightmare.


Video of this cool hubless bike…

When I found out that Singapore was developing their first electric hypercar, I was surprised at first, but then realised that I probably shouldn’t be so shocked. They are right next to one of the largest tech markets in Asia and they’re always looking to push the envelope with everything they do. The creators of the Dendrobium are keeping a lid on the specifics. The world will see the car in all its detail later this year in March.

High Standards

It’s Singapore’s first ever hypercar and they’ve set their standards to an incredibly high degree. The Bugatti Chiron is inspiration for them in terms of the overall quality of the car.

This sounds like a very daunting task to take on, but considering what other companies in Singapore have achieved over the last decade, they have a lot of support behind them. However, if you take a look back through the history of car companies who’ve tried to live up to the likes of Ferrari or Porsche, there have been a ton of failures.

The thing that sets Vanda apart from these failures is the fact that they’ve learnt from them. Despite the fact that they’re a fairly new company, they have Wong Fung Industries backing them; this is a business who’s had 53 years of successful experience!

Technology and Nature

You can expect the Vanda Dendrobium to perform just like the Bugatti by hitting insane speeds of 400 km/h except there’s one key difference.

This vehicle is powered by electricity instead of a V12 or a W16 engine. Vanda are the professionals when it comes to electrics, as well as design, so I think it’s safe to assume that we’re going to be getting a beautiful looking car that comes with a ton of exciting and modern tech features.

They decided to go electric, as they wanted to unveil a car to the world that is capable of doing Bugatti speeds minus the damage caused to the environment. In recent statements, the CEO of Vanda Electrics has talked about how the car is a perfect combination of nature and technology.

The technological aspect, as well as the aesthetic appeal is something that Vanda seems really excited about.

Williams F1

For Vanda Electric, the jump to making a hypercar was bigger than it has been for most companies in the past – they used to create electric scooters…
Maybe this doesn’t fill people with hope, but there’s one thing that should; Williams F1. They have become partners with Vanda and have brought onboard EVERYTHING they know about engineering supercars. This includes their knowledge on the aerodynamics and the material of the car.

With the help of both Wong Fung Industries and Williams F1, Vanda seems like they’re on track to shocking the world with their very first electric hypercar. We’ll know for sure when they unveil it on the 9th of March!

It will mark the first time people living in Singapore will be able to buy a hypercar that doesn’t require them to go overseas. (If you’re considering moving to Singapore, take a look at the One Visa immigration agency website for a free assessment!).

Shopping for a used car can be difficult, especially in Canada.
Too often, you hear horror stories of people buying “lemons”, or getting
scammed by underhanded used car dealers. Now, this doesn’t happen often – most
used car dealerships are legitimate businesses, and operate as such.
But it can still be hard to tell the difference until it’s too
late. So, what should you look for in a high-quality used car dealership in
Canada? We’ll tell you!

Read on, and learn how to distinguish the good from the bad, and get into a fantastic used car that’s perfect for your needs – without getting ripped off by an underhanded dealer.

1. A Large Selection Of High Quality Vehicles 

One great way to determine the overall quality of a used car
dealer is to assess the overall quality of the vehicles they’re offering. You
should survey the dealer’s lot. Do most of the cars look like they’re in good
condition? Are there rusty cars on the lot? Are the cars clean?

If you’re at a used Kias in Langley dealership that only has
a few cars that look good, chances are that even those cars have some issues
that they’re not going to come clean about. Just looking at the overall
selection of vehicles available at a dealership can tell you a lot about the
general quality of their automobiles.

If the overall level of quality seems good, that’s definitely a good sign –
though it’s not a guarantee that any specific car will run flawlessly. You’ll
still want to thoroughly inspect each car you’re interested in.

2. They Foot The Bill
For Carproof

Carproof is the #1 vehicle history report service in Canada –
and any legitimate used car dealer should be willing to furnish you with a
comprehensive vehicle history report at no cost to you. If they’re willing to
do so, it’s a fantastic sign – they’re clearly dedicated to providing you with
the details about the car you’re interested in, even if there has been some
damage to it in the past.

If a dealer is unwilling to foot the bill for Carproof or a
similar service and doesn’t give you any kind of vehicle history report, that
should be a warning sign to you. They’re unwilling to give you all of the
information required to determine whether or not you should purchase a car –
and there’s probably a reason for that. If this is the case, just walk away.
You’re probably dodging a bullet.

3. Willing To Let You
Take Cars On Extended Test Drives

Chances are that you’re not a mechanic – or even particularly
handy at fixing cars. “Popping the hood” is unlikely to give you a good idea of
a car’s performance or quality. However, you
are a driver
. You know how cars should operate – and an extended test drive
is a great way to put a vehicle through its paces.
Your dealer should be willing to let you take a car on an
extended test drive – over an hour or two. During this time, you should try everything in the car. Test out all of
the entertainment features, turn signals, lights, cruise control, and other
safety features. Take the car on the highway and hit the speed limit. Go on a
country road. Take on some speed bumps. Run over some small potholes.
While you’re taking this test drive, pay attention to the
performance of the car. How does it sound? Do you smell anything funny? Are
there any features that don’t seem to be working? A long test drive is a
perfect time to find issues that you may not be able to detect when a car is
parked in the lot, so be very comprehensive, and test every aspect of the car.
If your dealer won’t let you drive a car for an extended period
of time, that’s a bad sign – either they don’t care that you won’t have a full
idea of the car’s performance, or they’re trying to hide something about the
car. Either way, you should avoid these dealers.

4. A Variety Of
Third-Party Lending Options

If you take nothing else away from this article, learn this
lesson. Never finance a car directly
through a dealership
. Financing a car with a dealer is a clear conflict of
interest – and dealer financing often brings harsh, variable APRs, sketchy
contracts, and many other problems that can be avoided by dealing only with
third-party lenders.
Your dealer should have a list of third-party preferred lenders
– but should also be willing to accept financing from your preferred lender.
Having a variety of lenders will help you negotiate a better rate on your auto
loan – and because the dealer isn’t financing the car themselves, salesmen
won’t receive kickbacks or bonuses for increasing your loan payments.

5. They Allow
Third-Party Mechanical Inspections

A great used car dealer will allow you to get the car inspected
by a third-party – and it’s a great idea to do so, especially if the car
history report has revealed past mechanical issues. Dropping a bit of money on
an inspection from your preferred mechanic can save you thousands of dollars in
the long run – especially if the car in question turns out to have severe
If your dealer doesn’t allow third-party mechanical
inspections, this is a big warning sign – especially if you aren’t given a copy
of the vehicle report or mechanical history of the car. Walk away. It’s not
worth the risk.

Follow These Tips – And
Find A Great Used Car Dealer In Canada

The world of used cars can be intimidating – but it doesn’t
have to be. By following these above tips, you’ll be sure to find a fantastic
used car dealership that will offer you a great deal on a high-quality used
So take a look at the above tips, start shopping around, and
find the best used car dealer near you. Any dealer that has all 5 of the above
attributes is sure to have fantastic cars for sale, and will be willing to do
business in an open, honest manner that ensures you get exactly what you paid

OSV reveals that 27% of motorists are likely to drink and drive over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Although drink-drive-related road fatalities and drink-driving convictions are on the decline, more has to be done in order to stop drink drivers over the festive period. This is the message from vehicle leasing company OSV whose latest survey found that a quarter of motorists are likely to drink and drive over the Christmas and New Year break.

27% of UK drivers made the admission when asked if they were likely to drink and drive over the Christmas period. Debbie Kirkley, Co-Founder of OSV explained:

“We carried out this survey last year and were shocked by the results. We wanted to conduct the survey again to find out if recent anti drink-drive campaigns were having an impact. Although drink driving convictions and fatalities have reduced, we have found that a larger percentage of people have admitted that they are likely to drink and drive over the Christmas holidays, showing that more needs to be done to combat drinking and driving over the festive period.”

In OSV’s 2015 survey, twenty two per cent admitted that they were likely to drink and drive. This means that the company have seen a 5% increase. As many people are aware, even the smallest amount of alcohol can affect your driving ability. Those motorists that are considering drink driving should remember that if caught, you can expect to receive a large fine, a criminal record, a driving ban and a possible prison sentence.

The study, which surveyed over 1,000 drivers, revealed that men were more likely than women to drink and drive this holiday (no change from last year) and young drivers are set to be the biggest culprits of drink driving this Christmas (also no change from last year). The survey also showed that motorists based in Wales are more likely to drink and drive than motorists based anywhere else in the UK this Christmas. Last year those in Scotland were more likely to drink and drive than anywhere else in the UK.

Reasons why people drink and drive vary. But, popular excuses still include peer pressure, feeling ok to drive and price of taxis. Debbie concludes: “Drink driving can ruin the lives of so many people, so think about the consequences before you get behind the wheel after having a drink this Christmas”.

Are you ready to sell your family car? It might be time for an upgrade or perhaps you’re looking for a smaller car. Either way, getting the highest price for your used car is clearly your objective. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for selling your used vehicle for top dollar.

Prepare your car for sale. Detail the inside of the car. This includes shampooing all carpets, special attention to the console area, and shining the interior windows. Take the same care on the exterior of the vehicle. Power scrub the wheels and hubcaps as well as the bumpers. Ensure that the exterior windows have also been shined. Remove everything from the car other than the owner’s manual and car registration.

Drive to an area with a wooded back ground to take photos of the vehicles. Remove or cover the license plate for security purposes. Take photos of the exterior from different angles. Take photos of the interior including the odometer reading. Save these photos for posting to an online car sales website.

Determine the retail price of the vehicle by completing the questionnaires on the major car value websites. Be frank about the car’s condition. A higher price will be realised from a private purchaser versus a car dealership or used car lot.

Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and purchase a For Sale sign from the office supply superstore Quill. With a permanent marker, specify the make, model year, sales price and odometer reading on the sign. Include contact information for prospective buyers.

List the vehicle on several reputable car sales websites. Include the reason for selling in the content as well as whether the vehicle has been garaged. Gather all service records and specify in the content that these are available to prospective buyers.

When responding to inquiries about the car from interested parties, arrange to meet in a public parking lot for safety reasons. Let a family member or friend know you are meeting a prospective buyer. Do not accept a check for the vehicle unless is has been certified by the issuing bank. Retain the license plates to turn into the local motor vehicle department or for use on your next car. Best of luck to you!

With a great car comes great responsibility, especially when the great car has more years on the clock than you. Owning a classic vehicle is an incredible privilege, but it’s not an easy task. A lot like owning an esteemed antique or piece of art, it’s all about the extra care you put in to get those extra years out of the model. Here we give you our top tips for caring for an older motor – to keep your investment safe and your golden oldie golden…rather than a subtle shade of (rusty) bronze.

Keep it under wraps

While you might want to tell everyone about your piece of history in the garage, keeping it under wraps (in a literal sense of the word) is sometimes a good idea. Cars left outside are incredibly likely to rust from exposure to the wind, rain, snow and sun (as well as everything else the Great British summer likes to throw at them), which can take them to the point of no repair. Investing in a high-quality, soft cotton cover for your beloved (and/or keeping it in the garage if you have one) can add years to any buy – a small sacrifice that makes a huge difference!


It’s all in the Detail…

One of the biggest enemies for a healthy motor? Dirt. A regular detail clean is without doubt one of the best things you can do to care for your car; preventing rust, chipped paint and general faults in its performance (plus it’s a great way to appreciate the handmade features so few motors adorn today). Try and reach every dark corner of your purchase and keep it as spotless as you’d like to find it; the perfect Sunday afternoon activity and surprisingly fun (as long as it’s not raining, that is…)

It’s the little things

Little touches and constant care can make a huge difference to the running of your motor, keeping it looking fresh without huge expense. For example, simple actions like leaving your hand break off (and using chocks if you’re on a hill) can prevent cables snapping, while a good old-fashioned wax every few weeks can keep it looking as beautiful as it runs. Don’t forget, shabby accessories can have a huge impact on the car; keep your upholstery in spotless order and your classic number plates up to speed and your mileage will keep up too!

Don’t be afraid to drive it!

While there’s a temptation to keep your motor as a museum piece; to be seen and not enjoyed, your car was designed to move – not just look pretty! Take your vintage pride and joy out for a drive at least once a month to avoid corrosion, prevent sticky clutches and keep all the key parts healthy and running. Leaving your car too long without a good run can prevent it from getting started, and driving is the only way to spot some minor faults that could become major problems.

So, if you stick to these rules, you’ll enjoy a long happy life together.

As with a lot of industries, the automotive business is finding new ways to provide luxury to customers, without a massive premium. In the past, these sorts of cars would be reserved for big events and hire only, for most people. Now, though, you can get great deals on cars with loads of features.

What is a luxury car?

The definition of a luxury car is a little loose. But they will have; more features, better comfort, and higher performance than regular cars. These features will usually come with a higher price point, though.


Lexus have been making luxury cars for years, and most people will know their name. But in more recent times, they’ve been focusing on melding luxury with economy. The result is a series of hybrid cars, which are topping the charts for fuel usage and low emissions. The CT is the smallest of their offerings; but they have models in different sizes, right up to large SUVs.

The luxury features on these cars include keyless entry and smart interior mirrors, amongst a host of other utilities. These cars can even save you money, as they’re all road tax exempt. It’s best to go to a specialist for a Lexus, as they’re not as common as other cars. Dealerships are common place in a lot of countries; whether you need Inchcape Lexus or Lexus Dubai, you’re likely to have a shop near you.


BMW is the standard choice for a lot of car owners, worldwide. Their entire range assumes that luxury is a requirement. Right from their cheapest hatchback to their most expensive coupe. Of course, you get what you pay for. So the lower budget cars aren’t quite as fancy as the top end. But, with BMW you tend to get excellent value for money.

BMWs are popular; they’re no trouble to find. Using BMW’s site, you can search for recommended dealerships, which are close to home. In every used car lot around the world, you’ll probably find a BMW. So, secondhand shopping isn’t a problem.

Rolls Royce

Although some would consider them unpractical, Rolls Royces can’t be missed from this list. They’re the first car manufacturer people think of when you mention luxury cars. Anyone, from Royal Families to Brides and Grooms, will use a Rolls. These cars only suit those looking for the very height of luxury, or those willing to do some work.

Only a small percentage of people can afford a brand new Rolls Royce, with the cheapest model coming in at £250,000. But, thanks to their astounding build quality, you can find loads of secondhand examples. To make it truly affordable, you need to be willing to do some work. Fully restored examples can sell for more than when they were new, so it’s cheaper to buy one that needs some attention. The best places to find these are at car auctions or specialist dealers.

This is just a handful of examples of the different and unique luxury cars available to you. Although more expensive than regular cars, they’re certainly not out of reach. When choosing a car, be sure to do plenty of research.

Having a car personalised number plate used to be pretty cool…but what do the British public really think about those people that own personalised number plates?

I remember in my early 20’s looking for my name (M 5HAW) and it was taken – coincidentally that same week I spotted that exact registration plate on a Land Rover Sport driving just around the corner where I used to live near Birmingham…spooky!

But I’m actually glad I didn’t fork out hundreds/thousands on a personalised number plate as I think they’ve become pretty tacky and way too popular.

Recent research from vehicle leasing company OSV Ltd backs up my thoughts about personalised registrations plates with their research revealing that they are no longer considered an essential status symbol, with 68% of Brits describing them as tacky.

However, despite the majority of Brits holding this opinion, it would seem that UK drivers are still enthusiastic to show off their wealth by buying a personalised number plate – a status symbol. They should add this to the board game The Game Of Life .

The most expensive number plate ever purchased is ‘1’ which cost £7.25million by Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri in 2008. I reckon there are far better ways to spend that sort of money but there you go.

The DVLA claims that almost 335,000 registrations were sold in the last year – more than four times the figure in the mid-nineties. But, according to those quizzed in the survey, the fact that they are ‘now so common’ is the leading reason why they are no longer considered impressive.

Co-Founder of OSV Ltd, Debbie Kirkley explains; “While once considered the essential status symbol or a way to express individuality – private registration plates are now seen as a tacky purchase.

The study of over 1,000 UK residents discovered that those aged between 35-44 were the least impressed by personalised number plates, with only 17% describing their owners as impressive. Those aged between 18-25 were the most impressed, with 43% describing owners as impressive.

The Welsh were most opposed to private number plates, with more than three quarters stating that they were tacky. The Scots were most fond of the personalised number plate, with 42% labelling them impressive.