As a fan of all things cool, especially cars and bikes, this digital art competition from Nissan is right up our street. Called Infiniti, it’s Nissan’s luxury and performance car part to their business. The digital art competition is in conjunction with design magazine designboom. The competition was for entrants to design a sculpture, projection or installation. 6 of the best designs (see below) will show off their designs in Infiniti showrooms around the country. The Infiniti Centre Stockport in Manchester, UK is the latest of these showrooms and currently in the middle of a week long promotion inviting people to come and check out the art works as well as the cars.

With cool art and high performance cars in one place – there’s something for everyone there! The art works include the work of Shinji Nukumi of Japan, entitled ‘Infiniti Passion’ – a design which expresses the potential of Infiniti cars from the inside rather than from the outside.

 Crystalline DNA
Making his debut in the sphere of automotive-based art, Brano Hlavac from Slovakia has created a series of four visuals which look at the manufacturing and design of Infiniti’s models utilising the elements of crystal, the power of shape and DNA. In his designs, he highlights the importance of creativity and the automaker making their own mark, putting to one side the act of selling cars.

Value Added
The curvaceous sculpture by Slovak designers Juraj Rattaj and Jan Ziska explores the idea of creating a parking space which projects the correct image of a luxury car such as an Infiniti, whilst adding value as a piece of art in a public place rather than merely being confined to the function of hosting a vehicle.

Highway of Light
This is a digital animation conceived by Bob Trempe and Roman Torres of the USA to reflect the powerful and distinct “character lines” used in the design of every Infiniti model. The digital animation communicates the lines of Infiniti brand by combining a silhouette of a car and the moving light streaks of fast moving vehicles on a highway.

Infiniti Passion
The brainchild of Japanese artist Nukumi Shinji and NBBR, “Infiniti Passion” is composed of a series of projections on to an Infiniti model which focuses on the ‘inner’ dimension of the car in order to be able to see the potential of the marque.

The piece designed by Sanchit Sawaria and Palash Singh looks at the importance of performance and a car which creates an experience for the user beyond driving. The art does not reveal the mechanics which made the visual possible, but is the result of the discreet presence of technology such as streaks of light generated by fast moving cars.

Synthesised by Nature
Inspired by light, nature, and geometry, the artwork created by Englishman Jackson Tayler, combines three half cubes and projections to create the journey of a streak of light through an autonomous and sophisticated world. The free-flowing movements of the beam, which guide the viewer through the artwork, incorporate elements of ballet, and reflect the power of an infiniti’s engine and the elegance of the cars’ curves.

You can find out more digital art competition information or visit the Infinity website at and the Infinity Reveal gallery
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