Cars across the UK are not being checked for vehicle recalls during their service at local garages. After the recent global recall crisis, OSV Ltd were shocked to find that 92% of garages do not check for potentially life threatening recall notices on your vehicle.

After the news that Toyota and Nissan were adding 6.5 million vehicles to the recall list over airbags, OSV Ltd wanted to find out if local garages were checking for potentially dangerous recall notifications whilst your car was in for a service. After questioning 100 local garages, OSV Ltd found that only 8% would check for any recalls on your vehicle as standard.

43% of the garages explained that they would check for recalls if asked to by the cars owner but a whopping 49% of local garages do not and would not check for vital vehicle recalls.

OSV Ltd then decided to take the report one step further and find out how many people use local garages to service their vehicle over approved dealerships.

Overall, 45% of the UK would take their vehicle to be serviced in a local garage, only 22% would take it to an approved dealership and then 33% did not have vehicles so could not take part.

Interestingly, women were more likely to take their car to an approved dealership. When comparing the results OSV Ltd found the figure rises to 29% for women but shrinks to just 15% for men.
The survey also suggested that Northern Ireland potentially have the safest amount of cars on the road, with 33% of participants from Northern Ireland stating that they take their car to an approved dealership. Only 25% from Wales, 23% from England and 22% from Scotland admitted that they take their car to an approved dealership for servicing.

Maybe not so surprising is the fact that OSV Ltd found that 18-24’s were less likely to book at an approved dealership. Only 11% of the participants in that age range take their car to an approved dealership. This could be down to a number of factors such as monetary constraints.

OSV Ltd surveyed 200 local garages and 500 UK residents.