The cool Mavizen TTX02 electric motorbike is being dubbed as a laptop on wheels. A really cool fast laptop on wheels and an expensive one at $41,300. Besides it’s impressive top speed of 130mph, the interesting thing about this cool bike is that it features a dedicated IP address, on-board web server, WiFi and Linux.

The electric drivetrain and lithium-ion battery sits in an RC8 superbike chassis provided by KTM.

Another view of the two motors, plus the WP shock and a portion of the chrome-moly frame.

The Mavizen TTX02 motorbike runs on Linux and includes a built-in Web browser to make updating and modifying the software a snap.

When you don’t need gasoline, under the gas cap is a great place to stash a USB port.

Another studio shot of the TTX02 electric motorcycle.

Mavizen TTX02 Motorbike Videos