Essentially there are seven different types of motorbike, and within each type there are many different models with different levels of performance, different costs and consequently different insurance premiums. Here we will indicate each of these types and which insurance groups they are likely to be placed by specialist motorbike insurers. There are 22 groups in total though most motorbikes fall into groups 3 to 17, and it is the higher groups that attract the higher premiums.


Mopeds are bikes with very small engines of up to 50cc, which can also be driven by pedalling just as in an ordinary bicycle. Essentially they are motorised bicycles and because they have relatively low levels of power they fall into the lowest insurance groups of around 1 to 3.


Scooters are often a popular choice for getting around towns and cities as they are very cheap to run and convenient to ride. Lower powered scooters fall into the lower insurance groups, possibly 3 to 6, though nowadays it is possible to buy some quite powerful models which are more expensive to insure.
Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are the most popular and often are fast and have powerful engines. They also look good with aerodynamic fairings. Typical manufacturers are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Triumph. These are likely to be in groups 10 to 17 depending on their performance levels and cost.

Naked Bikes

Naked bikes are generally sports bikes without the fancy fairings of sports bikes, and similar considerations apply in terms of insurance groups.


Cruisers typically have low seats are longer than conventional motorbikes, and a general retro look reminiscent of the Easy Rider era. The most iconic of all cruisers is the legendary Harley Davidson, which are likely to fall in the higher insurance groups.

Adventure Sport Bikes

Adventure sport bikes are made to go off-road as well as on-road because of this they are endurance machines and are built with toughness in mind. They are also long distance bikes and tend to have large petrol tanks and luggage compartments which can make them very expensive to buy and insure. 

Touring Motorbikes

Touring motorbikes are made to eat up the miles by the thousand and provide the rider with high levels of comfort including all the electronic devices available such as an intercom for the driver and passenger and – believe it or not – air conditioning. They can be very expensive to buy and attract high insurance premiums.