Being a fan of cool cars and bikes, you’ll understand how the Proxima concept bike car excited me. I love the thrill of riding a motorbike but when the weather is bad, I long for the comfort of a car. This Proxima car/bike hybrid concept looks to be the answer!

With 2 tandem seats providing an optimum riding position for both the driver and the passenger, the Proxima passes the thrill of its stunning and aggressive aerodynamics fully through its steely frame and chrome alloys.

The Proxima is a stunning vehicle that looks like a hotrod at the front and a motorcycle at the rear. The cabin has 2 tandem seats for a motorcycle-like seating arrangement but instead of being exposed to the elements, are tucked inside a fully-enclosed cabin. Apart from providing comfortable, all-weather riding, it should also improve aerodynamics considerably.

This cool bike merges freely with nuancical car details like the discreet door and help it ideally change from a car to a bike. With the front wheels positioned considerably apart and the rear wheels bunched together, the Proxima also presents an interesting maneuverability that is sure to thrill both car and
bike lovers alike.

The wheel arrangement might be seen to offer less maneuverability than a traditional motorcycle, but at the same time could present a whole new level of excitement and capabilities.