This post sponsored by Ford looks at Ford’s technologies and one in particular that caught our eye recently – Fords 1.0-litre award-winning EcoBoost engine. Combining high power woth a broad spread of torque, with reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption, what’s not to like. These Ecoboost engines have been creating quiet a buzz in the auto world but what is this technology and why is it so great?

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EcoBoost came onto the market in the mid-2000s, as a part of Fords new technology to provide a more efficient vehicle engine. The EcoBoost is designed to make more power, produce less emissions, and use less fuel. Ford makes EcoBoost engines in a variety of sizes from a three-cylinder, four-cylinder, and up to a six-cylinder. All engines of which use some of the same technology that is direct fuel injection and turbo charging.

Basically, take a normal engine, cutting down the amount of cylinders for better fuel consumption, and replacing the lost cylinders with turbo charged and direct fuel injection technology to regain power. To prove how this small but powerful engine performs when compared with the likes of a Ferrari Enzo, Ford puts it to the test on the infamous Nurburgring racing circuit.
The track time results are really quite remarkable!

Technology is clearly playing a huge part in the way that Ford designs its cars and engines. This is an essential requirement for any new car design these days. Ford has released a series of new and interesting videos to show off the type of technology that is being built into the latest models.

Personally we think that this is the coolest way to show the technology in action, as reading is so one dimensional. With the videos, you are able to each feature in action and they really work in getting the message across. Check out Go Further to experience the technologies for yourself.