Car Leasing


Car Leasing has risen massively in popularity in recent years. I myself was very tempted recently with choosing to lease rather than opt for hire purchase as there are some excellent deals to be had with affordable monthly payments.

The infographic below demonstrates the benefits that come with leasing a car instead of purchasing one outright or even by finance. It was created by Hippo Leasing and it’s worth a look for those considering what type of finance option to go with for your next car.

If you’re constantly traveling around the city, navigating winding streets and parking in tricky spots, then getting a city car would be a fantastic investment. City cars are cool because they’re cheap to run, offer quality driving, and are a practical UK car leasing option.

Below, we’ve had a look at some of the best city cars on offer. Ranging from the cheap and cheerful, to the stylish and highly practical. Take a look and see which city car would suit you best!

Fiat 500

This car is all about style, and the 500’s funky retro design makes it great fun to cruise around the city. This quirky car has some pretty flexible engines too, and is one of the safest superminis you can opt to drive. There’s a bit more interior and boot space than the Chevrolet Spark, but not by much. Remember, you’ll also have to pay extra for specs such as air conditioning.

Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is nifty little city car which is quite cheap too. It’s reasonably practical, and the higher spec versions get a decent amount of kit. Although it’s fun and easy to drive in an urban environment, the engine can get a little bit noisy at times, and there’s not a great amount of space inside. It makes for a great vehicle leasing choice, as there are only second-hand models available now.

Volkswagen Up!

We love VW and the VW Up! is possibly one of the best choices on this list if we were to buy a car to drive around a city in. Not only does this car have a classic chic style, but it offers wonderful performance too. There’s a decent amount of space inside, the engine is economical, and it’s plenty of fun to drive. The only downside is that the Up! can be a little bit pricey when compared to other superminis in the same category.

Skoda Citigo

The Citigo definitely ranks as one of the best city cars around, and although it may not be as stylish at the Fiat 500 or Up! it has some fantastic performance and engines to offer. It is economical and well built, but also gives drivers some good value for money. Although it does struggle at higher speeds, it’s super cheap to buy and run.

Citroen C1

The C1 out of all the city cars we think looks the coolest. It’s a great modern choice for people who live in the city, and want something nippy and practical, but with style. Most versions of the C1 come well equipped, and the light and easy steering makes parking a breeze. The ride can be a little bumpy at times, and the rear space is on the small side too.

Ever wondered if leasing a car is for you? would it be
cheaper than buying a new car? Well in the article we answer these very
questions. The UK car leasing market is set to follow the US explosion
in car leasing in recent years as the benefits of car leasing versus car
buying becomes more well known. As dealers clear the showrooms of 2012
models to make way for the 2013 models, there are some great car leasing deals deals available thanks to very low interest rates.

If you’re considering car leasing, make sure you’ve done your
research beforehand so you can be sure that leasing is the right option
for you. Here’s a guide to some benefits of leasing a car to help you on
your way.

Drive away in a cool car
First off and one of the best
advantages of car leasing is because monthly payments are lower, you may
be able to drive a higher priced cooler car. If you can only afford so
much money per month on monthly payments, the money will enable you to
afford a cool car for leasing than you could if you were buying a new
car. Basically you maybe able to drive a car you didn’t think you could

Limited savings? Don’t worry!  
Often you don’t need a
down payment at all for leasing a car and if you do, it’s usually very
small, especially compared to the down payment you’d need to put down on
a new car. Since there are less up-front costs, leasing a car is an
attractive option for many people who don’t have enough savings to spend
on a down payment for a new car.

Lower monthly payments
When you’re leasing a car, your
monthly payments will be lower than if you were to buy a new one. If you
can’t quite afford the monthly payments of a new car, leasing can allow
you to drive a newer car with less monthly costs. You don’t have to
take out a loan for it, so you won’t have to pay interest.

Car maintenance 
When you lease a car it’s usually a
late-model car with very few miles on it. Because it’s so new, you’re
less likely to have any major problems with it during the time of your
lease. If you do have any problems, it will likely still be covered
under the manufacturer’s warranty.

There are however a few disadvantages to car leasing which you should weigh up before deciding to lease a car…

Ownership – the car is never yours 
since those monthly payments go on forever, and you’re only borrowing
the car, you’ll never have ownership over it. It will never be your car,
so you can never recoup any of the cost by selling it or trading it in
for a future car. You just give it back to the dealership, and start the
process again.

Monthly payments never stop
A disadvantage to leasing is
that you’ll never stop paying monthly payments. Over time, if you only
lease cars, you will end up spending more on monthly payments for
leasing than you would have spent to buy a new car. If buying a new car
is a financial option now, it may be a better way to spend your money.