Common Problems


Cars go through various stages of disrepair, and it’s important to recognise the signs. The smallest little issue can often lead to significant problems – and you don’t want to be driving down the freeway when they manifest themselves. All cars are sophisticated machines, and very delicate with it – despite their size and power.

So, if something goes wrong – no matter how small – always get it looked at as soon as you possibly can. Here’s how you can tell when your car is suffering…

Learning to hear your car

The good news is that some of the major issues can be easily picked up – as long as you know what your vehicle sounds like. We all get used to the noises of our cars, and the slightest little change in pitch or volume can give us a big clue there is something up. So, use your ears as much as anything else, and don’t put it down to your imagination. If you have it checked, and nothing is wrong, you’ve lost a few dollars. But if you ignore it, there could be significant problems waiting for you down the line.

Suspension issues

Another way to get to know our cars is through how they feel. So, if you are noticing that your journeys are becoming a little bumpier, take notice, and don’t just blame the roads. Suspension issues can lead to accidents, engine problems, and brake trouble. Don’t ignore them.


We probably don’t need to tell you the importance of your brakes. But, a lot of people don’t take the necessary precautions. When brake problems begin, you will notice them starting to emit a high-pitched squeak, or your car veering to one side when you use them. If any of things happen to you, it is vital to get them to your auto repair professionals. Squeaking brakes could be a sign that your brakes are about to fail, and the results of that could be – as we all know – catastrophic.

Engine problems

The engine is the hub of your vehicle – and no matter how big it is, there is a chance it could get sick. If it does, then you could be looking at an overheating incident – and that means saying goodnight and God bless to your vehicle. There are a few things to look out for. If your journeys are getting a little jerky, then there could be problems with your engine, and you should book it in for a professional look. It could also start to make strange noises – again, use your ears and take action if this happens to your vehicle. Finally, you can use your nose, too. If things start to get a little stinky, it’s going to need some work. The quicker you put it in for a service, the more chance your car will have of surviving.

As you can see, if you are in tune with your car, you have an excellent chance of nipping any problems in the bud. You don’t need to be a mechanic to hear or feel when something’s up – although the quicker you see one, the better chance you will have of getting a fix.