Cost Efficient Cars


If you speak to anyone about company cars, one of the first things they’ll say is how they are stung by the taxman every year.  For this reason, having a company car with low car leasing and tax bills is really important but cost isn’t everything – if you’re a salesman who drives up and down the country each week clocking up thousands of miles, you’ll need a company car that’s practical, comfortable, good to drive and stylish.

This surge of new car models and brands, options and prices state of flux has transformed UK fleet hire in recent
years for businesses looking to make savings. The UK was once home to
‘Mondeo Man’ but now the sector is being squeezed by premium brands with cars such as
the BMW 3-series being a popular option.

Our top 10 best UK company cars look at affordability, practicality, comfort and driveability:

BMW’s have dramatically reduced fuel
consumption and CO2 emissions of their cars over the last few years, so
much so that we have put 3 of their cars in this top 10 list: 

BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr
most efficient model yet, still classy, and still great to drive.
What’s more, financially they are now one of the best company cars –
long-term ownership costs are so low that it makes more sense than many
mainstream models that have a cheaper list price. This model boasts CO2
emissions of just 99g/km and amazingly low leasing costs for a premium.

BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics
one of the best, if not the compact executive cars around. A range of
efficient engines is available, with fuel economy and CO2 emissions that
beat most of its rivals.

BMW 520d Efficient Dynamics
the full-size executive car the BMW 5 Series strikes just the right
balance between comfort and style. This model has brilliant fuel economy
and CO2 emissions that again, beat most of its rivals.

Mazda CX-5 2.2 Skyactiv D 150 SE-L
CX-5 is as good to drive as it is to look, this SUV is a superb
all-rounder and running costs are comparatively low. Just don’t go for
the 7 seater!

Kia Ceed 1.6 CRDi 128 1
Nice spacious interior and an impressive mix of economy, performance and affordability.

Skoda Citigo 1.0 60 Greentech SE 5dr
Amazingly practical and sophisticated for a car this small and affordable. As a company car, the Skoda Citigo 1.0 60 Greentech SE five door makes most sense, because it’s incredibly fuel efficient and car leasing costs are cheap.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi 95 Zetec Econetic 3dr
A popular company car choice, the Fiesta is fun to drive, low emissions and cheap to run. This particular model balances equipment and cost better than any other model in the Fiesta range, and the 1.6 diesel engine provides excellent economy.

Downsizing has meant drivers have jumped from the Mondeo-sized car into
the Fiesta sized hatchback in vast numbers and at the same time, the
launch of a carbon dioxide-based company car tax system has meant a
wholesale switch to low-emission diesels among most companies.

Employees pay tax on a percentage of the value of their car.

Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi Acenta 2WD
The sporty 4×4 styling combines fun comfortable driving with competitive price and strong resale values.

Toyota Prius+ 1.8 VVTi T4
a fuel economy of over 50mpg, Sub-100g/km CO2 means low tax bills, and
although it’s not the coolest MPV to drive or look at, the Prius+ is
impressively practical.

Mondeo 1.6 TDCi 115 Eco Zetec
Sorry! We couldn’t have a company car list with a Mondeo, that’s like a roast dinner without gravy. This latest Mondeo remains one of the best – great to drive, smooth and comfortable to travel in. The Eco Zetec model is great for company car drivers because of its excellent fuel economy, low emissions and decent performance.

The company car industry is constantly changing, with growing choices of car models
and brands, options and prices to attract new buyers, while the whole
lease market is swathed in a maze of complicated taxation. For most
company car users, the biggest downside is the tax you’ll have to pay on
the ‘benefit’ of having a car. To work out your company car tax charge
based on a car’s taxable value and C02 rating, visit What Car Company Car Tax Calculator