Crazy Car Crashes


Showcasing pictures of crazy car crash accidents from around the world which many defy explanation. It’s often hard to tell whether Photoshop has been involved in any of these pictures as some are so unbelievable you think they must be ‘shopped’. But people really do get into some crazy predicaments in their car, for instance, accidents where cars are found in swimming pools. The most famous instance of this (wasn’t an accident as such!) was back in 1967 when Keith Moon (drummer in The Who) on his 21st Birthday drove his Lincoln Continental into a Holiday Inn swimming pool in Flint, Michigan. According to the book Local DJ: A Rock ‘n Roll History, Moon allegedly drove a Cadillac (Moon said a Lincoln Continental) into the hotel swimming pool. Author Peter C. Cavanaugh, who witnessed the event, recalled the events for a documentary on the 1960s rock scene. According to the book, The Who in Their Own Words, Moon said he broke his tooth driving the car into the pool. However, according to VH1’s Behind the Music, Moon broke his tooth diving into the pool, which was empty of water at the time.

Other people who attended Keith Moons 21st birthday cast doubt on the car in the swimming pool story, but confirm some other parts of the tale. Suspicion might be aroused by this note in one detailed account: β€œIn some versions of this story the car is a Cadillac, and even in a couple stories I read during research the car was a Rolls Royce.” This is where Oasis got their inspiration for there front cover of the album ‘Be Here Now’ pictured above.

But lead singer Roger Daltrey confirms: β€œIt flaming well did happen. We got the $50,000 bill for it.”

Nobody was seriously injured in any of these following bizarre car accidents and the car insurance claims and damaged windscreen claims got sorted out one way or another leaving us to simply admire some people’s ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…or just shocking driving skills!