Driving Tips


When driving a car, there are many things that can easily distract us and one of the biggest distractions I find when I’m driving is my two boys arguing/fighting in the back of the car. Only this weekend this very thing happened to us in Stratford Upon Avon which is a good 250 miles away from our home in Cornwall.

We were driving along some unfamiliar roads and approaching a large roundabout and my boys started arguing/flighting in the back. For some reason they always have the knack of doing this at the worse possible moment i.e. a very busy rush-hour roundabout at night. Thanks guys! They don’t mean it of course, they’re only 6 and 8 years old brothers who were excited that we were finally close to the hotel having driven 5 hours. At that moment however, I couldn’t concentrate or hear what the sat-nav was telling me, so I had to wait at the roundabout until they’d calmed down. If you’re a parent then i’m sure you’ve had a similar experience of children distracting you when driving. Interestingly I came across some research this week stating that ‘kids arguing’ was the fifth biggest distraction for drivers and also ‘kids fighting’ appeared in ninth spot. I reckon if you add those two together it easily makes the most distracting for drivers.

The research points at people with their full beam on being the number one most distracting, followed by heavy rain, getting lost and debris in the road. Here is the graphic I found with the percentage break down for each distraction:

Driving Distractions

Driving Distractions

Along with this research, Accident Advice Helpline also have a useful interactive map highlighting accident hotspots which is a useful overview of the dangers on roads throughout England along with lots more advice and tips.


Have you completely fallen out of love with your car and the driving experience you get when you’re behind the wheel? It’s hardly an uncommon problem, and many people assume that it’s one that they can’t really fix. After all, replacing your car with a new one is not cheap, and if you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money. Don’t despair just yet, though. Here are some ways to get a better driving experience without spending a fortune on a new car.


Use Gadgets to Enhance Your Driving Experience

There are so many great car gadgets that you can take advantage of these days. Simply having more control over your car and how it drives can be very satisfying, and that’s what the best gadgets allow. You can use everything from electronic displays and  GPS trackers to bluetooth kits and dashcams. Messing around with tech and using gadgets to extend and enhance the driving experience could turn out to be ideal for you. It’s definitely not something that you should just dismiss.


You Could Always Lease


If you really want to ditch your current car but can’t afford to buy a new one, you could always choose a lease option. This is something that is definitely worth considering if you don’t have the option to buy. Leasing is affordable, and it means that you can enjoy your driving experience once more. There are plenty of companies out there, such as Leasewell, that can help you with finding a lease deal that suits you and your needs. So, maybe it’s time for you to find out more about this option.


Gradual Tweaks and Home Upgrades Have an Impact


Improving your car is not something that has to happen overnight, and you don’t have to spend a pile of cash on it either. It’s perfectly possible to carry out gradual tweaks and upgrades on your car. If you want to get real value, you’ll do this yourself. Paying someone else to carry out upgrades is just far too expensive. Learn about which upgrades could benefit your car, and then carry them out in your own time at home. Doing this really does have an impact on how your car drives.


Change Yourself Not the Car


Maybe it’s not your car that’s the problem. You shouldn’t forget that the way in which you drive your car also has an impact on the kind of driving experience you get out of it. It’s not something that many people consider because no one likes to admit their own shortcomings. But there are things you can do to become a better driver. By taking an advanced driving course and picking up some fresh tricks and skills, you can move yourself onto the next level, which could be exactly what you’re looking for.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t take steps to improve your own driving experience. You deserve an experience that’s as strong as it can be, so make the most of the ideas above.

Everyone has a car that they want to drive, but that they can’t afford to drive. The thing about dream cars is that they are expensive and normally too expensive for the average person. Thankfully, money doesn’t have to be an issue for any petrol head that wants to get behind the wheel of a supercar. As luck would have it, you can drive the car of your dreams without splashing the cash. In fact, you can do it without even owning the vehicle. Here’s how to make your dream come true this summer.


1.    Car Share With A Twist

Most car shares are made up of boring cars that you can find at any dealership. But, there are car share options that have exotic rides like Bugattis and Lamborghinis. In America, there is a service called Getaround where car owners rent their vehicles to the public for an hourly fee. The fees can range anywhere from $25 to $125 depending on the vehicle. Still, it is a lot cheaper than leasing one from a dealership. All you have to do is find the person with your dream ride and ask them for a quote. You could be rolling around in your new whip the same day.

2.    Test Drive Experiences

Manufacturers and race track companies offer people the chance to drive around their track in an exotic car for a small fee. Okay, the fee isn’t that small when you compare it to an average car. But, you don’t want to drive an average car. You want to drive an exotic car because that is your dream. The great thing about the experiences is that they are available to purchase from a variety of high street stores. As a result, you don’t have to go to the manufacturer or race track to find a good deal. Just go online and type it into your search engine for the best results.

3.    Rent One

In most cases, you should buy a car because it is better value for money. That isn’t the case, though, when you don’t have the cash. When you don’t have the cash, you should rent a car instead. Alternatively, you can buy one on finance as both deals are very similar. The pertinent point is that you can’t afford the car upfront, but you can afford the monthly payments. Also, rent agreements are flexible to a point. If you just want to indulge, you can lease the car for however long you please. Or, for however long you have the money to maintain the lease.

4.    Buy One Second-Hand

Who said that your dream car has to be brand new? No one said it, but that is how most people think. Well, it is time to stop thinking that way, and to get creative. When you have a budget, the amount dictates your choices. So, instead of a brand spanker, you can buy an old banger. The fact that it is a supercar should mean that it is in good condition.

There is nothing better than driving a retro car on a sunny day!

The season of ice and snow is upon us, and even if it is unseasonably mild, you know that at some point winter will come. When it does arrive it will do so without much warning.  Having your car winter ready means being prepared for everything the season can throw at you. At this busy time of the season ‘cold’ car maintenance may not be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. But you are going to expect the most from your car at this taxing time of year, so here are some great tips to help you prepare.

Get a deep clean done

Consider it to be a gift to your car!   A good valet now may seem to be a little self-defeating. After all, as soon as you hit the road, you’ll be getting your car all dirty again. But a good valet is not just about shiny showroom looks. It is about clearing away toxic dirt from your paintwork, ensuring that bigger problems do not begin.  A good wax will help protect your car from corrosion.  A serious steam clean around wheels and arches can also show up any likely problems that have been concealed by dirt.  

Every driver and car owner will know how misted up windows can affect vision and safety. The problem is compounded at this time of year with moisture and cold.  Getting clearer windows is all about having them cleaned with a good quality window polish. The difference will be amazing in terms of clarity and it will be much easier to keep your windows clear.

Under the bonnet

This is where the mechanicals really count. If you are the type of car owner who rarely ventures here, this could be a good time to start.  You could always just book a service, but get to know how your car needs to be looked after. You’ll save money and have a better motoring experience.  You should be checking oil levels all year round, so ensure that you have topped up between the two markers on the dipstick. Make sure you are using the correct type of oil for your vehicle.

With freezing temperatures on the horizon, you’ll need to have antifreeze in your cooling system. Ice expands and can wreck your car engine. Antifreeze needs to be a part of your winter check up and ensure it is added in the correct proportions.  While you are here, check all your fluid levels and top up as appropriate. A weak car battery is often the first victim of a cold snap. Ensure your battery is well connected and is in good condition.


This is a crucial area to be aware of. Obviously, tyres need to be kept inflated at the correct pressure.  This is particularly true if you are loading the vehicle heavily and going on longer journeys this season.  Make it a weekly habit to check tyre pressures. You should also be aware of the condition of your tyres. The tread should not be worn and at least a few millimetres deep.

This could be a great time to consider your winter tyre options. Winter tyres are much more suited to damp, cold and wet conditions. If fact they can increase your braking distance by up to 50%!  Get a mobile tyre fitting service to come to your home or office to undertake the change.

What to carry with you

When real winter conditions strike, it pays to be prepared. Make sure you have these in your boot or trunk when you travel.

If you are venturing into high altitudes then carry snow chains. This can make the difference between a getting to your destination or having to abandon a journey.  Ensure you have a spade or shovel. If you get stuck, this can help you dig out and get you back onto firmer ground. It’s a good idea to be carrying an eco-friendly de-icer as well as a blanket or two or even a sleeping bag.  Getting caught in a snow storm will be no fun without some way of keeping warm.

Finally it pays to see and be seen.  Make sure all lights on your car are in working order and carry spare bulbs with you. Know how to fit these. This is a steep learning curve in the dark at night. Most people will have phones with them so it is easy to call for assistance if you need to. Make sure your phone is charged up before your journey.  Invest in a separate flashlight and torch.  A flashing hazard facility can be useful to warn other vehicles if you have inadvertently stopped. A hazard triangle is another great tool for being visible.

Be safe and be seen this winter and have an enjoyable motoring experience.

Before shopping for a new car you need to focus on passing your test! The first part of your journey towards becoming a qualified driver is your theory test. People are so focused on passing the practical side of things that they often overlook the theory. This is phase one of the process, so you need to be ready for it. The theory test is often tricky and can prove to be a metaphorical speed bump.

However, if you follow this advice you should find it much easier. Take note of each of these points, and utilise them to help you pass with flying colours. This will bring you one step closer to your goal of becoming a certified driver!
The first thing you need to do is make sure you treat this as an exam. That is, essentially, what it is. So you need to be sure you prepare for it in the same way that you would for an exam. That means you need to ask yourself the question, what do I do after I book my theory test? Well, the answer is that you need to study. Now, you’ll have been taking lessons in the build-up, and you’ll learn as you go. So, now is the time to remember and brush up on what you’ve learnt. Get some driving theory test books and start studying the essentials. This will put you in a great position to pass your test first time.
Get There in Plenty of Time
Another good tactic is to make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare on the day. The last thing you want is to be delayed and be in a mad rush. So you need to set yourself enough time to get there and get into the right mind-set. Yes, you’re probably going to be nervous, and this is good because it means you care. But, by getting there with plenty of time to spare you can relax and unwind a little before you go in to sit the test.
Take Your Time
It’s imperative that you don’t panic and try to rush your way through. You might be feeling confident, but try to make sure you take your time. By rushing, you’re likely to make a mistake or miss something important. Plus, if you finish early you’re going to be overthinking things afterwards, and that never helps. Take your time, and go at a leisurely pace. You should take practice tests before the real thing so you get an idea of how long it will take.
Read Each Question Twice Before Answering
The big mistake a lot of people make when they take their theory tests is they misread the questions. Often, questions are intentionally worded in a certain way. And if you’re not reading them properly you might make a mistake and answer the wrong thing. So, try to make sure you read each question at least twice before you attempt to answer it. This will help you get a better understanding of the question, and you’ll be better placed to answer it.
The key with passing your theory test is not to panic. You need to try to remain calm, and if you can prepare you will feel much better about your chances. Hopefully, you can use the advice on this post to get yourself fully prepared for the impending test.