Car Leasing has risen massively in popularity in recent years. I myself was very tempted recently with choosing to lease rather than opt for hire purchase as there are some excellent deals to be had with affordable monthly payments.

The infographic below demonstrates the benefits that come with leasing a car instead of purchasing one outright or even by finance. It was created by Hippo Leasing and it’s worth a look for those considering what type of finance option to go with for your next car.

Your car is an extension of your personality. At least, it should be. Yet, it seems like we’re all driving the exact same cars. There are millions of Ford Fiestas on the road. And the motorways are packed full of carbon copy saloon cars. BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes. They’re all the same. It’s time to inject some personality into your vehicle. Make it yours. A quick disclaimer before you do. Some of the ideas on this list will make it tricky to sell in the future.

Custom paint job – When you buy a new car, you’re typically offered the same dull paint choices. The simple whites, blues, and blacks are the most common colours. But what about something a little more personal? How about a two-tone finish or a mix of your favourite colours? Custom car garages like Auto Art can help turn your boring paint job into something more personal. Whether it’s a simple go-faster stripe along the side or full custom artwork, it will transform the car.

Custom license plate – We love a good custom license plate. They make excellent gifts and presents for the petrol-head in your life. Unfortunately, they’re not always cheap to come by. It’s also tricky to find the perfect lettering and numbering, as they aren’t made to order. But, when you do find the perfect license plate, it makes your car that little bit more special.

Seat covers or upholstery – If the exterior of your car is all about expressing your personality, the interior is about comfort. You want to sit behind the wheel and feel comfortable and stylish. One of the best personalised upgrades you can do is fitting leather upholstery. It instantly feels more stylish and comfortable. You can finish it with a specific trim colour, and make it your own. If you’re running low on cash, you can buy simple seat covers that match your style and personality.
Stereo system – Most sensible car buyers advise against upgrading to a big stereo. It could make it more difficult to sell your car in the future, and it might lose value. On the other hand, you get phenomenal, crystal clear sound while you’re driving. If you’re anything like us, you’ll love turning the stereo up loud and going on a road trip. For that level of joy and excitement, any price is worth it.

Fun technology extras – The essence of driving is all about fun. So forget practicality and sensible choices for a second. What would you love to do in your car? We recently came across a car-lover who had installed a small mini-fridge in the front console. Now, he and his family had quick access to cold drinks on a long journey. Genius! Others have installed TVs in the back seats for their kids. It’s these fun technology extras that turn a practical car into a fun place to be.

Forget those same old cars, and find new ways to put your own stamp on your motor. What would you do to your car?

We love car info-graphics and here we have a cool video info-graphic which looks at how modern cars are so much greener than older cars with the dawn of electric and hybrid cars. However, there’s so much focus on the expense of electric and hybrid cars that many people don’t seem to be aware that most new cars you buy today will be much greener than the ones they replace. It’s simply a case of knowing which shade of green you want to be.

We need to go green. Everyone knows that! The world’s population is growing fast yet natural resources are being depleted and not being replaced. For many years the car has been seen as the problem.

In 2006 alone, London transport produced 9.6 tonnes Co2 emissions. That’s the weight of 208.5 Titanics! But car manufacturers have improved their green standards and these innovations have been staggering. It would take 200 modern cars to produce the same emissions as the Ford Fiesta from 1976. That’s quite a car collection! So what’s changed?

As well as electric and hybrid cars there’s a growing number of ‘Eco Trim’ options. These are little changes like ‘low-resistance’ tyres and engine start-stop functionality that make a big difference to the environment. It’s these innovations that deliver the same driving experience but with up to 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced green house emissions and because driving your car accounts for 85% of its total environmental impact, it really pays off to go eco and get rid of that old banger that you love!
But with all this innovation – which model do you choose? In reality, any car you buy today will be greener than the one it replaces. The only choice is; what shade of green do you want to be?

Ford C-Max
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