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Star Wars fans will love this Storm Trooper Speeder Bike. Just how cool is this motorbike! Not sure how road worthy it is but it will certainly turn heads!

Speeder Motorbike

For those of you who don’t know what a speeder bike is from Star Wars, shame on you! here’s a picture and video of a speeder to help you sad people.

Speeder Bike Chase Video

Check out this cool life size Tron legacy bike from the forthcoming movie ‘Tron Legacy’ due out December 2010. Fans of Tron Legacy movie will be able to opt for a much smaller version in the autumn when it releases its new toy range of characters and vehicles.


Trailer of Tron Legacy (Due out Dec 2010)

Here we celebrate batman movies with cool batmobile cars and bikes (batpods) found in the real world. An epitome of vigilante justice and as cool as the Batmobile and Batbike is, no car or bike manufacturer has ever put it into production; but that doesn’t stop diehard Batman fans from creating their own.

Check out these cool DIY batmobile car and bike mods….

Cool Bat Bikes


Batbike Video – A closer look

Batmobile Cars

1973 Lincoln Continental Batmobile

In Sweden, a virgin with a 1973 Lincoln Continental and a cool $1 million spent about 5 years crafting a full scale replica of the Batmobile. Now, perhaps we’ve been spoiled by years of high-resolution studio photographs of some of the most beautifully engineered cars in the business, but to our discerning eyes the Swedish Batmobile looks a little, uh, shop class. It took the guy 20,000 hours to build though, so despite our penchant for going for the jugular we’re going to stymie the sn

Mark Shields made a Batmobile off a 1978 Corvette
ThemeCars4u has a Batmobile replica that was featured in “Pride of Britain Awards 2008″
Bob Dullam recreated the Tumbler
1966 Batmobile has a nice collection including this 1966 Batmobile built 
by Russ Martin from a 1977 Lincoln Continental.
Oscar Pumpin’s DIY Batmobile
 Jet powered Flatmobile – Batmobile

George Barris, the creator of the original Batmobile thinks Batman should get smart, with BatSmart
Batman drives a 1973 Opal GT

Videos of the Batmobile Tumbler