If you are a hiker who likes to manoeuvre his/her way through the mountain forests on wheels, you might instantly resonate with the thought of biking. Navigating the jungles has become increasingly fun-filled; thanks to the electric mountain bike that are custom made to help you glide through the rusty terrain. Here’s what you need to know before buying one to jumpstart the expedition!

Bikes are an investment! Yes, with the environment sounding an alarm on pollution levels, it’s time to switch to fuel and smoke-free modes of commutation. And what could be better than cycling into the lap of nature without adding on to the black clouds that retard her bountiful offering?

While there is a range of options when it comes to e-bikes, finding an appropriate model than fits your budget and biking needs can seem challenging. This guide introduces you to the concept of electric bikes and to help you conveniently pick a befitting model one under $1000. 


Know your equipment

Once you’ve decided that you want to buy an electric bike for mountaineering, it would be rewarding to do a little research before you buy one. And if you are a newbie, here we aim to help you through the process.


What is an e-mountain bike?

It is a bicycle that is powered by an integrated electric motor. Such a motor can support the rider when pedalling. The best thing about these e-cycles is that they are eco-friendly and don’t have a throttle. Only when you pedal, the motor will provide the required assistance to enable you to speed up.

Of course, there’s a speed limit that ensures that the cycle to be classified in that category. This again differs across countries.

For biking enthusiasts who want to explore the mountains on their bicycles, it would be good to know the different laws about biking. Follow the discussion on this forum for mountain biking rules and more.

Some places such as Europe have a maximum speed limit for pedelecs although you don’t need to have a license to cycle as of now. However, the ones that have a speed limit of 45km/h have been classified as motorised vehicles. Also, such bikes aren’t allowed on regular bikeways. Again, some countries such as Switzerland have different rules.

Not all bikes are designed alike. There are various types of electric MTBs that you can pick from. From the light to all-rounder category and power ones, you can shop for one that meets your needs.

You’ll come across those manufactured for commuters, touring bikers, e-SUV range of bikes, and more. Most modern high-quality electric bikes typically rally the mid-motor design while you might come across designs that continue using the hub motors. While the former offers better power and is fitted on bigger sized models, the latter is nearly extinct although can be found on some very inferior models.

As experts suggest, the safer and versatile bikes that offer more comfort and traction are usually the full-suspension variety. If you are looking for a model that offers a better climb, bikes that emphasise less travel may not be the best for you.

When selecting a model make sure to look at all aspects of the bike. For instance, its battery capacity, mode of assistance, the weight of the rider, and the inclination profile of your trekking route.

Find out more on recommended areas where you can use your e-bikes at https://www.quora.com/Where-can-I-ride-my-electric-mountain-bike

The configurations make much of the difference in your electric bicycles. Every bike has a set of advantages and disadvantages, but the ones that integrate all factors make it a robust model. A closer look at the wheel specs, frame construct, gears, etc. can help you select a preferable model to suit the roads you wish to traverse.

Things like the frame will again depend on your budget. For instance, most e-bike models that cost under $1000 are likely to have aluminium bodies instead of carbon frames. However, not that the carbon frames are always better although they are relatively lighter.

Note, that the weight of your bike in an electric bicycle may not matter as much as that of a conventional one. Carbon frames are quite a favourite as these allow manufacturers to increased liberty on designing them innovatively.

The gears on your electric powered mountain bicycles can range from 8- 12 gears. Some of the age-old models featured even up to 30 gears making it more complex. The modern e-cycles provide compact gearing. When shortlisting your new vehicle, make sure that to look at its weight limit. This is important as it indicates the total load that your bike can withstand.

If you are searching for a vehicle under $1000 that also enables you to race uphill and downhill fearlessly, make sure that you check along these lines. Check out these tips to mountain bike downhill.



Your vehicle’s fittings play a great role in determining its performance. Some e-bike models allow for extended time travel. The ones that feature multiple functions of an assisted bicycle, normal, and that of an e-cycle score well.



Speed is geared by the power potential of your vehicle and is you want to ascend the slopes, those on a higher motor can provide a better ride. High-powered e-cruisers can make your everyday commute or simple mountaineering effortless and free of fatigue.



If your purpose isn’t just to get there but to reach a destination speedily, this factor will become indispensable. Bikes with a transmission system can help you ride faster than the ordinary ones.


Check the range

The speed range matters although it may not give you the precise speed performances as it is likely to be affected by the terrain to be trailed. Consider the bumps, rocks, weight, slope, and the mode of use when considering this factor. Typically, good batteries and powerful motors can provide anywhere between 20-50 miles/hr.



Vehicles with a powerful motor need supportive battery health. Biking vehicles that offer up to 40-50 miles per charge are reasonably good. Look for models that can be charged on or off its frame.



As discussed earlier, the frame tells a lot about the structural durability of the bike. The wheels, seat tubes, and the alloy used to make up the endurance and stability of your vehicle.

Covering the major concerns, we hope that this guide will help you with your decision of buying electric mountain bikes.