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When it comes to deciding what car to drive next, it is a difficult topic to broach. The fact is, no one brand of car is the best above all else. Of course, everybody has their opinion of what they most like to drive. But when it comes to all-round quality, there are many great brands out there. Some are better at providing certain qualities which others might lack, and vice versa. In this article, we will be addressing this question head-on. We will be looking at ten of the top brands from around the world, and comparing them side by side. With any luck, this will help anyone who is in the process of looking for their next ride. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top car makes currently producing cool cars.


A long-time staple of the motoring world, Audi is one of those makes which continually outdoes itself. Known primarily for its easygoing sense of style, these cars tend to have both sleek exteriors and luxurious interiors. One of the main attractions of the Audi range is where they tend to sit on the financial spectrum. Their mid-range cost combined with their top-range look make them a favourite for a large number of people. And that is not to mention the focus to detail that these cars tend to have. Truly, with Audi you are rarely going to be very disappointed.


While not quite in the same league as Audi when it comes to style or grace, the Subaru is still a brand known for its all-round quality. The truth is, Subaru provide us with such a huge range of vehicles that it is difficult to summarise them all as one. On the one hand, you have their tiresome dedication to producing reliable workhorses. On the other, they are also adept at spinning out SUVs and supercars in the same month. The truth is, you never quite know where you stand with Subaru. Nonetheless, one thing is for certain: they make cars which tend to stand the test of time.



There are few makes of car which ooze sexiness quite like Lexus. They just have a certain way of going about producing cars which makes them attractive to almost any driver. One of the truly great things about this particular make is that they don’t ever skimp on style. Lexus always refuse to show any degree of shame when it comes to designing their cars. And that is great news for those of us who enjoy style for its own sake. There is also something to be said for the sheer luxuriousness of their interiors. With Lexus, you almost always get a keen sense of easy luxury. And that’s something that nobody can turn down in a hurry. Whether you buy your Lexus brand new or second-hand through the likes of Currie Motors, you always get luxury.


Of all the brands in this list, this is probably the one with the most reputation behind it. Porsche is one of those names which just seems to carry an air of dignity with it. If you say you drive a Porsche, you are making a real statement which can’t really be argued with. One common feature of their range of cars is the fine balance of style and engineering. Porsche are not afraid to provide you with a roaring engine, while still allowing you to travel in comfort and style. Of course, at the top-end of the price range, you need to make sure that you do really want it. But if you do, you can’t really do much better than a Porsche.


Let’s go back to the mid-range vehicles now, with a make which has been delighting for many years. In all honesty, there is a huge amount of mixed opinion surrounding this particular make. But if one thing is for certain, it’s that BMWs always manage to deliver solidly built cars with precision engineering. More than any other badge, BMW design their vehicles with the driver’s best interests in mind. Similarly to Porsche, if you are driving a BMW, you are more often than not making a pretty strong statement about your lifestyle. If you are someone who enjoys using your car as a means of expressing yourself, then BMW can offer you the opportunity to do just that.



Talking of all-rounders, Mazda are a great one for never skimping on quality. Whether it’s a supercar or a hatchback, Mazda always do a great job of offering just what you need. Known for their powerful engines and smooth-going rides, you are unlikely to be disappointed with this brand. One downside is that their vehicles often lack the spaciousness of its rivals. However, if you are keen to go solo, then you might just find the ideal vehicle among this vast range of cars. Above all, what you get here is a great sense of value for money.


Speaking of value for money, there are few makes which offer it so keenly as the Toyota. Time and again, Toyota are voted as consistently providing the most reliable vehicles in the world. And that is no small feat indeed. What is even more impressive is that they manage to achieve this across their range. Both their small city-friendly smart cars, and their off-roading beasts are all reliable to the same degree. Above all, Toyota provide you with a peace of mind which you just don’t normally get from a car.



Arguably the best make to ever come out of Korea, the Kia range is one which surprises again and again. Most recently, they have made headlines with their extensive range of hybrid cars. The fact is, Kia are well ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting good-quality cars which don’t harm the environment as much. What’s more, they are always within an affordable price range, making them ideal for just about anyone. If you are unsure as to what to go for next, you can’t say fairer than a Kia.

It’s a common question asked especially in the second-hand car market and we now have the answer – the Mazda MX-5 has been voted the most reliable sports cars according to 2012 feedback from 52,563 people in The Which? 2012 Car Survey. People voted the Mazda MX5 the most reliable sports cars both new and second-hand with a 90% reliability score.

The Mazda MX-5 is the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car and it’s easy to see why – affordable, reliable, great looks and such fun to drive, the Mazda MX-5 is the modern-day MG Midget but with the added benefit of being an extremely reliable sports car.

Early MX-5 models have excellent records of reliability so those looking to buy a reliable second hand sports car would find it hard to find anything more suitable than an MX5 mk1 or mk2. In The 2012 Which? survey these models scored five star ratings for not breaking down.

Modified Mazda MX5’s

There’s so many different types of Mazda MX5 out there with many owners choosing to customise their MX5 from chrome bars to full on paint jobs and here we showcase some of our favourites:

Top Gear Mazda MX-5 Videos

If Top Gear think the Mazda MX5 is good, it’s good enough for us…


The Mercedes-Benz CLC Coupé was voted second most reliable car and the Audi TT came in third place in The Which? voting.

However reliable the Mazda MX5 is, you should always purchase breakdown cover from Greenflag or similar just to cover you should the worst happen.