Reliable Sports Cars


It’s a common question asked especially in the second-hand car market and we now have the answer – the Mazda MX-5 has been voted the most reliable sports cars according to 2012 feedback from 52,563 people in The Which? 2012 Car Survey. People voted the Mazda MX5 the most reliable sports cars both new and second-hand with a 90% reliability score.

The Mazda MX-5 is the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car and it’s easy to see why – affordable, reliable, great looks and such fun to drive, the Mazda MX-5 is the modern-day MG Midget but with the added benefit of being an extremely reliable sports car.

Early MX-5 models have excellent records of reliability so those looking to buy a reliable second hand sports car would find it hard to find anything more suitable than an MX5 mk1 or mk2. In The 2012 Which? survey these models scored five star ratings for not breaking down.

Modified Mazda MX5’s

There’s so many different types of Mazda MX5 out there with many owners choosing to customise their MX5 from chrome bars to full on paint jobs and here we showcase some of our favourites:

Top Gear Mazda MX-5 Videos

If Top Gear think the Mazda MX5 is good, it’s good enough for us…


The Mercedes-Benz CLC Coupé was voted second most reliable car and the Audi TT came in third place in The Which? voting.

However reliable the Mazda MX5 is, you should always purchase breakdown cover from Greenflag or similar just to cover you should the worst happen.