Riding Gear


Motorcycle riding gear is much more than style, though I’d say some of the gear you can buy these days looks pretty cool, especially the jackets. In fact, riding gear plays an essential role in your safety on the road from head to toe. Whether you’re riding down the street or across the country, never underestimate the importance of protective gear. Here are the top five benefits of riding gear.


  1. Protection From the Elements

Winter riding is a no brainer for wearing gear to protect you from the elements but even sunny days can feel intense when you’re tearing down the road at highway speeds. The proper motorcycle gear for riding protection should always include a helmet, wind-resistant jacket, gloves, goggles and boots.

It goes without saying that a helmet is top of the list as the most important as good riding gear always starts with your helmet and a quality lid is the most important piece of gear you wear on any ride. Choosing a helmet is all about finding one that best fits you and your needs. 

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  1. Impact Absorption

Though you hope never to be in one, accidents do happen. Your best defence against injury is the appropriate gear. As we mentioned, your helmet is your greatest asset during a spill and can save your life. Almost equally important though is your motorcycle jacket which needs to fit snuggly and protect vulnerable areas from road rash and debris. It’s worth knowing that quality riding gear armour will carry a CE (Certified European) rating that the US has unofficially adopted. Higher quality armour is more pliable and comfortable over long periods of time. Abrasion resistance is a big safety factor, with modern materials like Cordura® and Superfabric® being some of the best available. 

What not to wear…


  1. Comfort

On long rides, your comfort is important. Motorcycle gear caters to a rides comfort, providing support and protection where you need it most. In particular, your boots and gloves play a huge role in your comfort level. Sturdy boots support your ankles, keeping them firmly on the shifter. Gloves keep your hands warm and loose, helping your grip. There’s plenty of choice online from sites such as bikebandit.com

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  1. Improved Aerodynamics

Riding gear is designed to dampen the effects of wind. Not only does this keep the rider warm, it improves your performance and fuel efficiency. Granted, unless you’re a professional sport rider, you won’t notice many aerodynamic benefits; however, at high-speeds, there’s a definite difference in wind resistance between tight-fitting and loose-fitting clothing.


  1. Better Control

Finally, good motorcycle gear increases your riding stamina and gives you more control over your machine. Without the elements beating in your face, you can focus on your surroundings, keeping you alert and responsive.