selling cars

It’s the car that you picked up your now wife in, on your very
first date. The car you drove halfway across the country for a music
festival. But alas, nostalgia is not going to get you from A to B. 
Trading in will afford you not only a new car, but peace of
mind. Get the best out of your bomb, and drive away in something you actually
want with these five tips. 

1.    Know your worth

This is no time for smoke and
mirrors. Having a realistic idea of where your car sits in the market, and how much you
can expect for it will make the whole process easier on you and the dealer
offering the trade. It’s true that going from dealer to dealer in your own time
can be exhausting, so why not find out what you are working with by using Carsand Co who has fortunately done all the heavy lifting for you.
By entering all your car details,
the exact trade in price will be calculated and they even facilitate a new car
delivery if you find what you are after.
only will this type of service provider save you time but they could end up
saving you a bundle against what you thought your vehicle may or may not have
been worth.

2.   Logbook

We all like to think we’re on top
of our life admin, but some things get away from us.
Luckily, mechanics and service staff are diligent with this requirement so logbook maintenance is usually done for you. We don’t always consider a log book an important
part of our vehicle maintenance, but that one missing stamp could be the reason
your trade in doesn’t reap the rewards you are due. A log book is effectively
your evidence that the vehicle has been serviced and maintained to a high
Missing a service is something
that we have all done, but missing the record in your logbook is not a habit
you want to get into. Make sure that all services, major repairs or additional
add on’s are tracked in your vehicle. This record keeping will help make sure
you get the best trade in value possible and it will also put the car’s next
potential owner at ease.

3.    Multiple markets

I’m sure that Jimmy from ‘Jim’s
Reliable Used Cars’ seems like a trustworthy guy after the valuation you just
received. However, ask yourself this question; if you were renovating your
bathroom would you go with the first quote you received? Or would you seek as
many quotes as possible to ensure you are receiving the best price?
Trading in your vehicle is no
The first valuation could be the best, but you will never know unless you ask
the question. Seek as many varying opinions and valuations as you can. Go to
your nearest genuine car dealer to have them assess the trade in value, then
visit the local second hand car dealers to do the same.
The more valuations you have, the
greater your bargaining power when it comes to getting the
most out of your trade in. Even if you find another vehicle you want from a
particular dealer, knowing the trade in value someone else is willing to offer
could increase your negotiation value even further. 

4.    Research your next car

Few things in life are as exciting as a new car. There is something truly special about driving in your driveway for the first
time, beeping the horn in anticipation to show off the new beauty to the
family. By researching and knowing what type of car you are looking for next,
you can save yourself a lot of time when looking for a dealer to trade in your
old car. Depending on how particular your preferences are on your next car you
may not have a vast choice of dealers to trade in with, Cars and Co have an
enormous inventory and give the most accurate picture.

Additionally, by knowing what you want next you can
realistically budget based on the value of your trade in and the cost of the
new car. Or if you are particularly savvy you could try to squeeze those few
extra dollars out of your trade in to bring the cost of your next car down even

5. Repairs are important

You may think fixing those dents, scratches or other fault with
your car might be counterproductive before trading in. However the cost of
repairing those issues before trading in could be much less than a dealer
‘estimates’ leaving them to take that off the value of your trade in. What the
dealer considers a fair price for the repairs and what the actual cost is can
vary dramatically. 

Yes, it can be a hassle to arrange repairs and visit the panel
beater or mechanic before trading in your vehicle. However, in the long run you
will thank yourself that you didn’t give the dealer a reason to lower the trade
in value of your vehicle to a point where you aren’t actually saving anything at
all. Take care of those pesky repairs that have been on your to do list before
visiting the dealers for a valuation. 

Trading in your car can be a tricky process if you don’t know
what you are doing, what to ask or who to speak to. The trade in value of your
vehicle is not an easy figure to calculate either. But following these tips
should help you feel more confident in the battleground that is car
dealerships. Trading in your vehicle is a great way to remove the hassle of
selling, but knowing your value is the true key to getting the best trade in

Are you ready to sell your family car? It might be time for an upgrade or perhaps you’re looking for a smaller car. Either way, getting the highest price for your used car is clearly your objective. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for selling your used vehicle for top dollar.

Prepare your car for sale. Detail the inside of the car. This includes shampooing all carpets, special attention to the console area, and shining the interior windows. Take the same care on the exterior of the vehicle. Power scrub the wheels and hubcaps as well as the bumpers. Ensure that the exterior windows have also been shined. Remove everything from the car other than the owner’s manual and car registration.

Drive to an area with a wooded back ground to take photos of the vehicles. Remove or cover the license plate for security purposes. Take photos of the exterior from different angles. Take photos of the interior including the odometer reading. Save these photos for posting to an online car sales website.

Determine the retail price of the vehicle by completing the questionnaires on the major car value websites. Be frank about the car’s condition. A higher price will be realised from a private purchaser versus a car dealership or used car lot.

Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and purchase a For Sale sign from the office supply superstore Quill. With a permanent marker, specify the make, model year, sales price and odometer reading on the sign. Include contact information for prospective buyers.

List the vehicle on several reputable car sales websites. Include the reason for selling in the content as well as whether the vehicle has been garaged. Gather all service records and specify in the content that these are available to prospective buyers.

When responding to inquiries about the car from interested parties, arrange to meet in a public parking lot for safety reasons. Let a family member or friend know you are meeting a prospective buyer. Do not accept a check for the vehicle unless is has been certified by the issuing bank. Retain the license plates to turn into the local motor vehicle department or for use on your next car. Best of luck to you!

Some say there is an art to buying and selling cars. I’ve spoken about buying cars before, so, today I’m going to talk about selling. More specifically, how you can sell your car for as much money as possible:

(Picture Credit: https://goo.gl/8sabRG)

Make It Look Good

I always say that if you want you car to sell, you have to make it look good. There are two key things that make people take a second look at a car on sale. And they are the price and the looks. If you see a car for sale online, and it looks amazing in the pictures, you take a second glance. People will judge cars based on looks; it’s just a fact. If you advertise your car with a horrible picture, don’t expect to get a lot of money for it. But, make your car look brand new again, and you’ll have a good chance of getting a lot of cash.

The easiest way to make your car look good in photos is to give it a clean. Get the sponge and bucket out yourself or find a professional car cleaning service. If you choose the second option, you could get your car looking nicer and shinier. But, it will obviously cost money. Once it’s cleaned, you can work on the photos. Make sure you take pictures in good lighting, so your car looks crisp and cleansed.

Sell It Online

Sell your car online if you want to get the best price possible for it. Why? Because more people will see it if it’s advertised on the internet. There are loads of sites online dedicated to selling cars. People can advertise their vehicle, and others can browse for a new car. As there are more people looking for cars online, there’s more chance one will find yours. In fact, there’s more chance that multiple people will find your car and fight over the price!

If I were you, I’d put my car up on multiple sites. This gives you an even greater chance of securing a healthy sale. But, once you sell your car, make sure you remove it from every site.

Be Stubborn And Patient

If you want a certain amount for your car, then don’t rest until you get it. Be stubborn with the price you set for it. Don’t let people try and haggle the price down a bit so they get a better deal. When someone contacts you asking about your car, it means they’re interested. It means they can afford it, and they want to know a bit more. But, everyone will try and haggle to save money. My advice is to stay stubborn and don’t stray from your asking price.

Similarly, be patient when selling. If no one is interested in your car now, that doesn’t mean they won’t be in a month or two. Don’t drop the price if you think it’s reasonable, be patient!

Follow this advice if you want to sell your car and get plenty of money for it!

Sometimes, it’s time for you to buy a new car. This means you have to say goodbye to your old one. It’s served you well over the years, but it’s time for a change. 

If you’re thinking about selling your car, then take a look at some of these tips:

Prepare Your Car For Sale

If you want to get value for money, you need to prepare your car for sale. Make sure that everything is in working order and that the car is cleaned. Clean the outside and inside so that it looks brand new. People are more inclined to buy a vehicle that looks clean and shiny. You also need to have all the service records and car history with the car when you sell it. It’s so you can show buyers that you aren’t lying when you say the car hasn’t had any work done. If you don’t do anything to your car and try and sell it when it looks a state, you won’t get as much money. Sure, someone may buy it, but you simply won’t receive anywhere near as much as you should.

Don’t Settle For Less

When you’re setting a price for your car, make sure you pick one that’s reasonable. Obviously, if you set the price too high, no one will even think about buying it. But this doesn’t mean you should set the price low and settle for less. 

You have to know how much your car is worth in the current market. If you click here, you can get a quick valuation for your vehicle. Once you know the price, you can put it up for a similar amount. I always think you should go a little bit higher than what it’s worth. This is because people often try and haggle to get a discount from the seller. 

If your price is slightly higher, you could haggle down to the car’s valuation price. This will make the buyer think they’ve got a cracking deal, but really they bought it for the standard price! Plus, there’s always a chance someone could buy it for the expensive price, which would be a bonus.

Pick A Way To Sell

There are loads of ways you can sell your car these days. Thanks to the internet, there are many websites out there that let you sell your car to other drivers. Or, you can sell it to other dealers who are looking for cars to add to their showroom. 

My recommendation would be to sell it directly to another driver. This is where you’ll get the best value for money and receive the best price for your car.


Instead of going out and selling your car separately, use it as a way to get your new car! When you go car shopping, some dealers will accept your car as a part-exchange. 

This means you effectively sell them your car to cover a portion of your new car’s price. The benefit of this is that it’s super quick, it will be sorted on the day. Plus, you get to save money on your new car, so, win-win!