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Honda are tantalisingly close to releasing the super cool and all new Africa Twin bike towards the end of this year. The Africa Twin bike is a production version of the prototype shown in Milan recently that caused quite a stir.

For those of you too young, this bike is an update of the legendary Africa Twin produced by Honda in the late 80’s (1988 and 1989) that was loved by some many motorbike fans. This was basically the motorbike that really launched the off-roading biking movement across the World, so it’s very exciting news that this bike is coming back in 2015.

Those lucky few who get to test drive Honda’s pride and joy before the general public have our, and I’m sure most of our readers, dream job. So whose job is it? Well, in the video you’re about to watch below, this enviable task of testing the all new Africa Twin bike is in the hands of a unique band of Genteki riders who remain in the shadows, out of sight away from prying eyes. These riders put Honda’s development machines through their paces and make sure that every bike released is worthy of the name. I can imagine that getting out of bed on a Monday morning for that particular job wouldn’t be too difficult.

Check out this video:

Honda say the new 2015 Africa twin will be true to the original bike that had off-road biking fans around the World eating out of their hands.

This is a motorbike that not only performs outstandingly off-road in the mud/dirt and what it’s famous for..but equally the bike performs on the road.

Honda’s revolutionary new Dual Clutch Transmission powers the Africa Twin bike which has been developed to give the off-road experience even more grip and control.

Judge for yourself from the pictures, but we think it’s one of the most exciting bikes to be released in recent years.

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Tattoo loving spiced rum makers Sailor Jerry have produced this cool short video called ‘Outside The Lines’. Featuring blaring jukeboxes, motorbike escapades, and skateboarding in locked-up empty swimming pools, Sailor Jerry’s new short film Here’s To Life Outside The Lines is a celebration of rebellion. The tattooist and innovator Norman Sailor Jerry Collins is the personification of an independent spirit who lived life his own way.

The video features a mix of archival footage that hearkens to an American lineage of counterculture, and new material with bikers, skaters, musicians and classic car enthusiasts, hand picked by Sailor Jerry from Southern Californian bars and hot rod clubs.

Filming for Outside the Lines was all shot on vintage lenses from the 1960’s and super 8 cameras and involves a cast of genuine bikers and bar-goers, interspersed with archive footage of skateboarders, stunts, musicians and classic cars. The short film also contains original footage of the inspiration behind the brand.

Like the music? Pretty cool isn’t it. It’s the cult classic track “T.V. Eye” performed by The Stooges, and even features Iggy Pop himself in the video with footage from the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival – stage to the infamous “peanut butter incident.”

Watch the cool video here:

If you want to find out more about Sailor Jerry then head over to https://sailorjerry.com/en-gb/films/outside-the-lines/ or visit check them out on these social networks:


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We’re massive fans of cutting edge of technology, especially technology that can improve our lifestyles. The Scania watch is a gadget that caught our eye recently with a sleek watch design and unique functionality which will appeal to long distance lorry drivers as one of the best features will be the simple timing function.

A Scania watch offers the user stats on fuel consumption and fuel efficiency trends among other things.  The Scania watch is perfect for lorry drivers because of two main reasons:

  1. Keeps careful track of time spent on the road so drivers don’t get penalised for driving when they should not be.
  2. Warns the trucker very clearly when it is time to pull over and to find a place for the night.

A feature that will surely work well with lorry drivers is the ‘driver score’ – this is a set of metrics designed to improve driver and the truck’s performance.

This watch is the first in a line of exciting tools to come from Scania and we look forward to seeing what comes next.

Features of the watch

The device is in fact a rebranded Sony SmartWatch 3, but it does feature some cool software additions (and more to come in the future). The Scania Watch can do everything an ordinary Sony SmartWatch 3 can. So it runs Android Wear, and has all the features of that device, including the 1.6-inch 320×320 transflective touchscreen, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 420 mAh battery, and IP68 certification.

But it’s also got “Scania FMS integration”, which is unique and connects you to your truck. The watch shows you an instant overview of your current fuel and AdBlue levels, and even current average fuel consumption, shown in contrast with your average from the last week. And there’s some trend analysis thrown in too.

The watch also gives you a ‘driving support’ score, which analyses your driving behaviour over time and gives you concise scores trying to help you become more efficient, so you can lower fuel consumption as well as the wear on your truck. Transport metrics are included too, so you can see information about average distance traveled, speed, and data about your current and weekly transports.

Finally, Scania has bundled three watch faces of its own, two digital ones and one analog.

To find out more about this cool watch, check out this video:

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As a big supporter of the Movember movement, we loved what Bridgestone are doing with Bridgestone Bros decorating a cool 70’s VW Camper van with a huge mustache and embarking on an epic road trip in search of the greatest, bushiest mustaches in Europe. What a trip!

The campaign centres around an epic road trip through Europe by two Bridgstone Bros. The dynamic duo are set to travel in their vintage VW campervan from the Handlebar Club in London to the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Stuttgart. The documentary will form 5 episodes, with 1 episode posted on a dedicated website (www.beeneverywhere.eu) each week during Movember. The website is a dedicated space for the Bridgestone community to find out more information about the brand and its campaigns. The site encourages fans and customers to get involved by hosting interactive films, tips, information and competitions.

To support this worthwhile cause, check out the adventures of the Bridgestone Bros at www.beeneverywhere.eu

Jake Rønsholt, General Manager Corporate & Brand Communications at Bridgestone, said:

Our two Bridgestone Bros are sure to come across some truly unique and fantastic moustaches on their travels, which will make for interesting viewing. We hope our staff, dealerships and customers will be inspired by this film and by the branded collateral we’re issuing to get involved. Movember is such a worthy charity we are keen to raise as much money and awareness as we can through our Bridgestone Movember page.”

Also check out the video here:

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This post sponsored by Ford looks at Ford’s technologies and one in particular that caught our eye recently – Fords 1.0-litre award-winning EcoBoost engine. Combining high power woth a broad spread of torque, with reduced CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption, what’s not to like. These Ecoboost engines have been creating quiet a buzz in the auto world but what is this technology and why is it so great?

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EcoBoost came onto the market in the mid-2000s, as a part of Fords new technology to provide a more efficient vehicle engine. The EcoBoost is designed to make more power, produce less emissions, and use less fuel. Ford makes EcoBoost engines in a variety of sizes from a three-cylinder, four-cylinder, and up to a six-cylinder. All engines of which use some of the same technology that is direct fuel injection and turbo charging.

Basically, take a normal engine, cutting down the amount of cylinders for better fuel consumption, and replacing the lost cylinders with turbo charged and direct fuel injection technology to regain power. To prove how this small but powerful engine performs when compared with the likes of a Ferrari Enzo, Ford puts it to the test on the infamous Nurburgring racing circuit.
The track time results are really quite remarkable!

Technology is clearly playing a huge part in the way that Ford designs its cars and engines. This is an essential requirement for any new car design these days. Ford has released a series of new and interesting videos to show off the type of technology that is being built into the latest models.

Personally we think that this is the coolest way to show the technology in action, as reading is so one dimensional. With the videos, you are able to each feature in action and they really work in getting the message across. Check out Go Further to experience the technologies for yourself.

Skoda has cycling in its blood and will be sponsoring the 2013 Tour de France for the 10th time this summer coinciding with the race’s 100th anniversary.

Skoda started out producing bicycles in 1895 when the founders Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement joined forces and began manufacturing bicycles in their home town of Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic.

Cycling has remained an important area for Skodda to support over the years and are partners not only of the Tour de France but also Giro d’Italia and the Road World Championship organised by the International Cycling Federation (UCI).

Skoda will be providing 250 cars, mostly Octavia Combi’s and Superbs as accompanying cars in this years Tour De France.

We are really looking forward to watching this years 2013 Tour De France. With Sir Bradley Wiggins unfit to defend his 2012 Tour de France title, British hopes of winning a 2nd yellow jersey lie with his Team Sky team-mate Chris Froome. The 28-year-old is an excellent climber and time trialist and as well as helping Wiggins to victory last year, he finished 2nd overall.

You can read more about Skoda and their cycling partnership at http://unr.ly/164MpYb

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Italian athlete Alex Bellini is participating in the LA – NY Footrace 2011 – a grueling 5,000km race from Los Angeles to New York.

Alex is sponsored by Jeep and is just 1 of 20 competitors who are tough enough to compete in this exhausting adventure race.

The race consists of 70 stages of about 70km each stage which adds up to a total of 120 marathons in two and a half months!

The race which started on June 19th and ends on August 27th passes through the Nevada desert, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri into Pennsylvania to eventually finish up in New York.

Alex’s sponsor for the race is JEEP which coincides with their 70th anniversary of being off-road. To celebrate this anniversary Jeep have created a new online portal called ‘Jeep People’ to give people the opportunity to keep up to date with the progress of Alex, but also as a dedicated meeting place for Jeep enthusiasts.

Jeep People has three sections:

  1. one dedicated to Alex and accounts of his cross-American adventure; 
  2. one that highlights the history of Jeep with its supporters, celebrating the last 70 years; 
  3. and the last dedicated to those who live with passion, and will enable Jeep fans to launch their own challenge to Jeep (those who do will become Jeep-people: Just Enthusiastic Engaged People). 

The Jeep Wrangler website takes you on a journey through 7 different environments that the Jeep people anticipate Alex will encounter – and reflects aspects of the JEEP Wrangler Unlimited.

This short video gives you an idea of the ordeal that faces Alex is this adventure. The video starts by asking “Who among you has traveled 5,000km by plane in the past three months?'” And remember Alex is not a runner, but as he says “If there’s one thing we have to realise in life, it’s that we only have one. So we each have to find our own way of making it unique.” Here at cool cars and bikes we tend to agree with Alex’s philosophy and encourage our readers to watch this following video for more inspirational wisdom.

You can see Alex’s journey unfold on the Flickr stream of the journey or keep in the loop with his updates and Jeep People on Facebook or Twitter.

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We love car info-graphics and here we have a cool video info-graphic which looks at how modern cars are so much greener than older cars with the dawn of electric and hybrid cars. However, there’s so much focus on the expense of electric and hybrid cars that many people don’t seem to be aware that most new cars you buy today will be much greener than the ones they replace. It’s simply a case of knowing which shade of green you want to be.

We need to go green. Everyone knows that! The world’s population is growing fast yet natural resources are being depleted and not being replaced. For many years the car has been seen as the problem.

In 2006 alone, London transport produced 9.6 tonnes Co2 emissions. That’s the weight of 208.5 Titanics! But car manufacturers have improved their green standards and these innovations have been staggering. It would take 200 modern cars to produce the same emissions as the Ford Fiesta from 1976. That’s quite a car collection! So what’s changed?

As well as electric and hybrid cars there’s a growing number of ‘Eco Trim’ options. These are little changes like ‘low-resistance’ tyres and engine start-stop functionality that make a big difference to the environment. It’s these innovations that deliver the same driving experience but with up to 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced green house emissions and because driving your car accounts for 85% of its total environmental impact, it really pays off to go eco and get rid of that old banger that you love!
But with all this innovation – which model do you choose? In reality, any car you buy today will be greener than the one it replaces. The only choice is; what shade of green do you want to be?

Ford C-Max
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