Weird Bikes


Have you seen this cool alligator bike or ‘gatorbike’! A charity fundraiser decided to spread an entire alligator skin over a custom-built chopper motorbike and sell 1,000 raffle tickets at a snappy £75 each.

Jim Jablon, owner of the Wildlife Rehab centre in Hernando, Florida, devised the GatorBike to raise funds for the charity, which rescues neglected or abused exotic pets. The 120mph reptilian ride features the skin and skull of an alligator culled and donated by state officials. ‘I thought, “Why not put it to good use?”’ said the 45-year-old.

The skin is detachable but the head is fixed perm-anently into the handlebars and has the speedometer implanted into the back of the skull. And the prize draw is set to be just as quirky as the toothy two-wheeler itself – with the winning ticket to be plucked from a pool full of alligators by a 22-year-old model. ‘It’s not dangerous,’ said Mr Jablon. ‘We’re not going to tie a chicken to her or anything.’

You’ve heard of cool camper vans but have you heard of a camper bike! Artist Kevin Cyr worked on the Camper Bike in 2008, though little is revealed about the technical specs, it looks like an overgrown tricycle with a camper shell that’s been sawed in half (maybe even thirds). A concept sketch below shows room for a couch, a bed and a desk/table with a TV. Cool!

Other Cool Camper Bikes
Here are some more cool camper bikes from around the world. If you come across any more camper bikes, comment below with a link and we will be sure to add it!