With so many people having travelled around the world in search of the perfect holiday in recent years, there are rarely any great surprises that are waiting to be discovered. We all have our own idea of the perfect destination, of course, but personal taste dictates that while some may point to a sun-kissed sandy beach, others will prefer a snow-capped mountain.

In a similar vein, we all have our personal opinions about what constitutes the perfect holiday activity. There are plenty of men and women who prefer to lie on a sun-lounger and do very little for a week or two in the summer, which is all very pleasant, of course, but many others would far rather take to the road and set out on a short journey of discovery and exploration.

The UK cannot boast the long hot summers of Florida or southern Europe, of course, but it has a rich heritage that most countries can only ever dream of, and a stunning backdrop of the most beautiful countryside. One of the best ways to experience the best that the nation has to offer the world is to take to the road on a motorcycle and see what comes your way.

There are several areas in Great Britain which lend themselves perfectly to two-wheeled touring, so it’s often difficult to choose just the one. A good starting point for first-timers is the south-east of England, in particular the spectacular counties of Devon and Cornwall. Here you’ll find rolling hills and rugged coastlines, and you’ll receive the warmest of welcomes.

Head north for the spectacular landscapes

The Highlands of Scotland are famous throughout the world for their wonderful landscapes, and if you’re planning to tour here you must make sure you have your camera with you at all times. One of the nicest aspects of riding around the Highlands is that there are rarely any traffic problems, even at the very height of the annual tourist season in the summer.

The Lake District in the north-west of England is another popular choice, with its stunning collection of lakes and hills. The east coast of Northumberland, another genuine favourite, is home to an impressive selection of historic castles and a surprising number of sandy beaches, many of which remain almost empty throughout the year.

Every tourist, especially in the current economic climate, needs to keep a close eye on the spending, of course. Using the roads in the UK isn’t cheap, although it costs far less for those on two wheels as it does for those on four. The price of petrol varies greatly from one region to another, so be prepared for some inconsistency as you travel around.

You should find the best motorcycle insurance deals before you head off into the sunset. It’s important to remember that every pound you save represents another pound you can spend on the more enjoyable aspects of the holiday. As is the case nowadays, seeking out the best cover is as easy as logging on to the web.