We love when a new car is released onto the market, and the BMW 7 Series is no different. We know what you’re thinking. Does it capture the look of a BMW? Is it a winner on the track? How fast and how far will it go? What is this new tech you speak of? Don’t worry; we’re going to answer all these questions and more as we take the new BMW for a ride.


You’re not going to be wowed and amazed by the looks of this car. But that’s not because it’s not visually beautiful. It’s because you’ve seen it before. The new BMW doesn’t look all that much different from the older model. So much so we could show you a picture of the old one next to the new one and only true car fanatics would be able to tell the difference. The changes to the exterior are subtle and barely noticeable.

It’s still got the beautiful curves of the classic BMW. It still has the typical gorgeous bodywork. While the car does look modern, the latest BMWs always have so there’s no change there. The front is similar too, with distinguished curved headlights and a grand double grill. All in all, if you loved the older BMW you’re going to adore this one. But it’s when you step inside that things start to get interesting. Or rather when you approach the car for the first time. The new technology this car uses is where it excels, and it’s what’s going to make it stand out from the crowd.


We can promise you one thing. If you buy this car, you’re going to have some fun showing off the tech. As you approach the car, the door unlocks for you. There’s a sensor in the fob that does this automatically. You don’t have to touch anything. It works like magic. It’s everything you wanted and more from a car of the future. But that’s just the start of this vehicle’s hidden secrets.

You can remotely alter air conditioning settings as well. That means before you get in your car, it will be waiting for you at the perfect temperature. It’s even possible to check the amount of fuel you have left. Do you need to top up? You’ll know before you ever turn on the engine. Some people will say all these little features are overkill. But as you’ll discover when we discuss the price, the cost thankfully hasn’t ballooned. You can look at the cost of the older models on a site such as Autoworld.

Then, there’s the new gesture control. We told you it was the tech that was going to make this car unique. We weren’t lying. This is the first car on the market with gesture control. Essentially gesture control uses a tiny camera to track your movements. Due to this, you can change a song, answer the phone or indicate with a flick of your finger. You don’t have to touch anything on the dashboard. 

As you can probably imagine, since this is the first incarnation of gesture control there are some kinks to iron out. It doesn’t always work. But when it does, you’ll feel like a wizard. You’ll half expect the car to start replying in the voice of HAL 9000. While it won’t quite manage that it will welcome you with an onscreen named response as you hop inside. It’s incredible and frightening at the same time.


Just how comfortable is this car? Well, some reviews have described it as a spa on wheels. While we wouldn’t go that far, we can’t deny it’s a treat. The seats will warm and massage your back while you’re driving. It’s got one of the most advanced forms of air con that we’ve ever seen, and that’s just the start. The interior has been painstakingly designed that keep the driver relaxed and happy on the road. It succeeds on both marks.


For performance, this car has got a top speed of 155MPH. While it won’t beat many supercars, there also aren’t a lot of typical cars on the road that are going to be able to keep up. And, with an acceleration under five seconds, they’re not even going to have the chance to try. To help you on your journey, the car comes with yet more tech. Including cruise control and optimisation for different weather conditions. If it’s about to rain, the car may well figure it out and start to adopt how it performs on the road.


So how much are you going to be paying for this technological dream machine? If you’ve got just over sixty thousand, you’ll be pleased to hear you can afford this great car. If not, you can always look at one of the older models. After all, we’re sure you agree any BMW is worth owning.