There’s nothing like going on a memorable road trip or holiday with friends and family, but it’s even better if you have a great car to travel in. SUVs are great for this because they are practical and spacious. They also make for great vehicle leasing options if you’re considering getting one.

If you’re still not convinced that getting an SUV is the way forward, consider the benefits, and check out our three favourite SUVs.

• You get extra seats! Some SUVs even have the option of seating up to 9 people. This is great if you want to take all your mates along for a weekend trip, or for fitting in all of your family’s luggage.

• You can carry loads of things that you wouldn’t be able to fit in a regular sized car, and your passenger’s space won’t be compromised either.

• SUVs have towing capabilities that other cars don’t have. They can handle extra weight such as a boat or trailer, which you normally wouldn’t be able to tow unless you got yourself a truck.

• It’s a lot safer. Because SUVs are higher up from the ground, they are able to drive over debris easily, and also handle more severe off-road and weather conditions. Most SUVs also have a grill on the front for extra protection for both the engine and passenger compartment.


If you’re looking for a luxury crossover, the BMW X5 is great choice. It’s surprisingly agile for an SUV, and the engine offers some great performance. The rear space is a lot better than most of the SUVS in its class, and the fuel economy and emissions are pretty impressive too. The cabin is very driver friendly, with a very comfortable and supportive driving seat which can be easily adjusted. Dashboard controls are simple to use and the infotainment screen is definitely one of the best we’ve seen.


Nissan Juke is a fun and funky, small crossover, which is quite speedy. It definitely stands out from the crowd with its dynamic and quirky style. Its light steering and all-wheel drive make it a great car for tearing down twisty, country roads and for throwing around bends. It also comes with plenty of tech, and has a pretty decent fuel economy. The only downside is that the boot is on the small side, and there’s not a huge amount of room for the rear passengers.


A quiet car with tonnes of class. It’s also incredibly plush, so a great choice for people who enjoy travelling in comfort. The sport is also surprisingly practical with some pretty nifty handling and one of its best features is its luxurious cabin. The seven seats are incredibly comfortable, with an option to get a third row of seats fitted. There’s a handy infotainment screen and the all-round visibility is fantastic. However, it doesn’t come cheap, and the fuel economy isn’t great.

There are loads of UK car leasing options available online, so make sure you check them out!